Colton Underwood Shuts Down Fan Over "Inappropriate" Question About His Sex Life

Colton Underwood recently took part in an Instagram Q&A, where he fired back following a fan's question about his sex life. Get the details, here.

By Ryan Gajewski May 17, 2021 2:59 AMTags

Colton Underwood is explaining why his supporters will no longer be getting the kind of intimate details about his sex life that they might have come to expect.

The 29-year-old former lead of The Bachelor took part in an Instagram Q&A with fans over the weekend. After receiving one question asking how many men he has hooked up with, Colton took to his Instagram Story in a since-deleted post to make it clear he doesn't appreciate such queries. 

"Let me vent for a second," he wrote, per People. "Questions like this are inappropriate. I understand you might know me from the bachelor where I shared a lot about my personal life. I have set boundaries and I'm respecting myself in a way that will lead me to a healthier life."

The NFL alum added, "I never asked to be labeled as the virgin bachelor and have people feel the security to ask me questions about my sex life. It just happened and during that time I thought I had no other choice but to just go with it [or] the network would be mad. I know differently now. I'll share what I want and this won't be one of those things."

Bachelor Nation's Still-Rosy Romances

Colton, whose Bachelor season aired in 2019 and was marketed with ads that emphasized his self-proclaimed virginity, came out as gay during a Good Morning America sit-down with Robin Roberts last month. 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for MTV

In an interview with Variety that published on May 12, he discussed his experiences with men prior to becoming vying for Becca Kufrin's affections on The Bachelorette, which aired in 2018. He and Bachelor paramour Cassie Randolph dated for a year and half before splitting up in May 2020

"I'll say this. I was 'the Virgin Bachelor,' but I did experiment with men prior to being on The Bachelorette," Colton told Variety. "When I say 'hookups'—not sex. I want to make that very clear that I did not have sex with a man, prior to that."

On April 14, shortly after the GMA segment aired, Colton was spotted with Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy in New York City's West Village as they filmed their upcoming Netflix unscripted series.