Jillian Michaels, The Biggest Loser

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

The Biggest Loser isn't pulling a Barry Bonds.

Following an internal probe, producers have cleared show trainer Jillian Michaels of doping allegations leveled by a contestant on NBC's weight-loss reality TV hit.

In an interview with TV Guide, Michaels says a feud with season-eight contestant Filipe Fa culminated in him accusing her of pumping her charges full of performance-enhancing drugs to help them slim down faster.

"Filipe said, 'I think Jillian is giving people drugs,' " Michaels told the magazine. "We had an en entire Kenneth Star investigation. Because the minute someone makes that claim, you have to. They didn't shut down production, but it took a week. I was so furious, so disgusted. I felt so betrayed."

Michaels said the beef between her and Fa began when producers made a switcheroo and sent Fa and his cousin Sione Fa from trainer Bob Harper to Michaels' boot camp.

"Filipe didn't want to train with me," she added.

Fa, who was booted off just before the semifinals, made an off-camera remark accusing Michaels of feeding her contestants drugs. Fa later denied ever making the comment.

But Biggest Loser's executive producer Mark Koops defended Michaels, saying that camera crews witnessed Fa's claim.

NBC says all players must undergo intensive blood and urine tests before and during taping to effectively monitor their weight loss and ensure no one's cheating. The only drugs that are allowed actually are multivitamins and caffeine pills to help get them through the day.

Koops said that as soon as he heard Fa's allegation, a team of medical pros was brought in to investigate. And they found nothing.

Fa now says that he and Michaels "smoothed things over" before he got the boot.

And Michaels doesn't seem to be sweating it. She noted that she achieves her results honestly and if similar accusations were made again, "it wouldn't bother me at all."

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