Why Twitter Believes Jeopardy! Manifested Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Reunion

Fans went wild after Jeopardy! referenced Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's past romance, as well as Montana, which comes less than a week after they reunited and vacationed in the state.

By Alyssa Morin May 15, 2021 7:07 PMTags

"Ain't It Funny" when Jeopardy! is right on the money?!

On Friday, May 14, fans were delighted to see a very timely pop culture reference on the long-running game show. The first clue of Friday's episode, which was filmed in advance of airing, mentioned Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's romance in the early aughts.

"As a couple, they were jointly known as 'Bennifer,'" a message displayed onscreen, per a Twitter user who captured the moment and posted it online.

What's more? During Double Jeopardy, there was an entire category dedicated to—wait for it—Montana.

Naturally, fans went wild over the timing of both the duo's past relationship and the state, especially considering Ben and J.Lo recently enjoyed a romantic getaway in Montana. At the time, a source told E! News, "They were alone...just the two of them."

As one Twitter user commented on the Jeopardy! clue, "Excuse me but Jeopardy (filmed weeks in advance) manifested Bennifer 2021 AND their getaway to Montana with the clues that aired tonight!!!"

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck: Romance Rewind

Another user shared, "I'm pretty sure @Jeopardy called the reunion of @BenAffleck and @JLo-they were the answer of the 'Bennifer' clue that aired tonight despite being filmed WEEKS AGO prior to their little romantic getaway. What a power this show has."

"Bennifer! #Jeopardy can see the future!" some else wrote, with another adding, "Bennifer was just an answer on #jeopardy and I am FREAKING out HOW DID THE PRODUCERS KNOW THIS WOULD HAPPEN."

Others were stumped over contestant Justin's answer to the Bennifer clue. As one user put it, "COME ON! A @Jeopardy contestant just guessed that Bennifer stood for Ben Affleck and Jennifer ANISTON. You're disqualified! Lol."

"There was a Bennifer question on Jeopardy and a guy got it wrong," another expressed.

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Earlier this week, a source told E! News that the Oscar winner and Hustlers actress spent some one-on-one time together in Montana's Yellowstone Club, where they vacationed for about a week.

Additionally, a source close to the "Dinero" singer explained that "Ben reached out to her to see how she was doing" following her and Alex Rodriguez's split.

"They had dinner together a few times within this last month," the insider noted. "It's natural between them and the chemistry is unreal. They picked up where they last left off and are enjoying each other's company right now."

A separate source told E! News, "She and Ben are talking and plan to see each other again."

As fans continue to wonder if the exes will rekindle their romance, another insider close to the J.Lo Beauty founder previously gave us insight, explaining the actress "wants to give it a shot with Ben."

"They never really had closure and she has always wondered what could have been. The timing was never right and they were in different places until now," the source shared, adding, "She finally has had the opportunity to spend time with him and see where this could lead...She wants to keep seeing him and is very happy."