Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Sydney Zaruba Teases Aftermath of Boat Crash

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Sydney Zaruba discussed the docking drama that sent the crew into action. See what she had to say.

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The drama is just getting started.

In an exclusive chat with E! News, deckhand Sydney Zaruba teased the aftermath of the boat crash that occurred in the May 10 episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. As E! News readers well know, the latest episode of the Bravo hit featured the mega-yacht Parsifal III making contact with a docking wall twice.

"Let's just say, when a super yacht hits a dock it's never a good thing," she teased. "The first damage was going to be expensive, the second damage is gonna be exponentially times that."

While Sydney stayed relatively tight lipped on the situation following the crash, she did note that this was something "you never want…to happen." Although, the deckhand did reveal that docking drama isn't uncommon in the industry.

"There's three types of captains, I like to say," she explained. "There's captains who have hit the dock, captains who have yet to hit the dock and captains who have lied about hitting the dock."

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For those who missed last week's episode, Parsifal III first incurred some damage after strong winds caused it to scrape against the dock. Later on, at a different dock, a malfunction with the ship caused it to fully collide with the docking wall.

Still, Sydney called the incident "another day on the boat," before adding, "If you're in the industry long enough, you're gonna see it."


Although the episode's second crash appeared to be pretty disastrous, Sydney was still "really proud" with how the crew handled the first incident. Fans of the show will recall that, during the initial collision, it was Sydney who spotted that the ship was heading "really far to starboard."

"In the moment, it's a bit like, heart-stopping," she recalled. "As a sailor, I knew the anchor was dragging, and you sense something's wrong before you actually know something's wrong."

However, Sydney made it clear that the handling of the first incident required a team effort, shouting out Captain Glenn Shephard, Gary King, Colin Macrae and Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux.

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"For a worst-case scenario situation, it went down the best way possible I think," she concluded. "On our side, we did the best anybody could've asked us to do."

As for how they handled the second collision? You're gonna have to watch tonight's episode to find out.

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