How Olivia Munn Is Supporting John Mulaney's Recovery During Surprise New Romance

A source exclusively told E! News about Olivia Munn and John Mulaney's new connection, revealing how the actress has been a shoulder to lean on amid the comedian's divorce and private battles.

By Cydney Contreras May 14, 2021 8:53 PMTags
Watch: John Mulaney & Olivia Munn Are Dating: Reports

Olivia Munn and John Mulaney's romance may have come out of left field for their fans, but a source close to Olivia tells E! News the celebs "have known each other for a while and always been friendly."

While the source didn't share the exact timeline of their friendship-turned-relationship, the insider did reveal, "They recently started dating. It's new and not at all rushed."

News of the 38-year-old comedian and 40-year-old actress' budding romance comes after some major changes in John's life. He recently announced his divorce from estranged wife Anna Marie Tendler, who he was married to for six years. In a statement to E! News, his rep previously shared, "John will not have any further comment as he continues to focus on his recovery and getting back to work."

Additionally, John completed a 60-day stay in rehab for struggles relating to cocaine and alcohol use, before moving to an outpatient treatment center in February. 

As such, our source says, "The focus for John is his recovery and Olivia fully supports that."

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"She has been very supportive of his addiction and recovery," the source shares. "She will continue to help him in whatever ways she can and be there for him."

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The source adds, "Right now they are just spending time together and enjoying each others company."

As news of their dating spread, fans dug up evidence of Olivia's longtime crush on the comedian. For example, it was revealed that Olivia, who previously dated Aaron Rodgers, gushed about John in a 2015 interview for HuffPost Live. She told the outlet about their chance encounter at a wedding, recalling, "I was just so obsessed with hanging out with and talking with him."

She even admitted to emailing him, but he never responded. Olivia chalked it up to her using the "wrong email," joking, "That's what I tell myself."