The iCarly Revival Officially Has a Premiere Date

Get the details on when to expect the iCarly revival and more dates for all the upcoming summer shows.

By Lauren Piester May 14, 2021 5:30 PMTags
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Wake up the members of iCarly's nation, because the revival's got a premiere date. 

In honor of Miranda Cosgrove's 28th birthday, Paramount+ just announced that Carly, Freddie (Nathan Kress) and Spencer (Jerry Trainor) will return on June 17 for another stab at internet fame. The first season, which will consist of 13 episodes, picks up 10 years after the end of the show's original run. According to the official series description, the new episodes find Carly Shay, the original influencer, and her friends navigating work, love and family in their twenties.

Two new cast members are also joining the fray. Lacy Mosley plays Harper, Carly's best friend and roommate, and Jaidyn Triplett plays Millicent, Freddie's "snarky and social media-savvy stepdaughter." Will we be used to the fact that Freddie's a stepdad and Nathan's a father of two IRL by the time this show premieres? Probably not!

We can only assume that this time around, Spencer is still hanging out with his younger sister simply because he likes her, and not because he's still somehow her legal guardian.

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Watch the cast celebrate Miranda's birthday and the official reveal of the premiere date below!

The original Nickelodeon series, which ran from 2007 to 2012, also starred Jennette McCurdy as Carly's best friend and webseries co-star Sam. Jennette even went on to play the character in a spinoff series with Ariana Grande, but she has since quit acting, as she confirmed on her podcast in March. 

Get the scoop on all the upcoming premiere dates by scrolling down. 

The Bachelorette (ABC) - Oct. 19

Michelle Young gets her chance in the spotlight in a special fall season of The Bachelorette, beginning Tuesday, Oct. 19.

NEW: Queens (ABC) - Oct. 19

Brandy, Eve, Naturi Naughton and Nadine Velasquez star as four former hip hop stars who are reuniting in their 40s in this new ABC drama, premiering Tuesday, Oct. 19.

NEW: Sex, Love & goop (Netflix) - Oct. 21

Gwyneth Paltrow and the goop team are back with a new series, Sex, Love & goop.

The Blacklist (NBC) - Oct. 21

The Blacklist, sans Megan Boone, returns for season nine on Thursday, Oct. 21.

Insecure (HBO) - Oct. 24

The fifth and final season of Insecure will premiere on HBO Oct. 24.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) - Oct. 24

Curb Your Enthusiasm's 11th season will debut Oct. 24 on HBO.

All American (The CW) - Oct. 25

All American returns for a fourth season on Monday, Oct. 25 on The CW.

4400 (The CW) - Oct. 25

In this reboot of the former USA Network drama, 4400 marginalized people who have gone missing over the last century suddenly return, with no memory and no signs of aging. It premieres Monday, Oct. 25. 

Walker (The CW) - Oct. 28

Walker is back for his second season on Thursday, Oct. 28.

Love Life (HBO Max) - Oct. 28

Catch the first three episodes of Love Life season two on HBO Max Oct. 28.

Dr. Who (BBC One/BBC America) - Oct. 31

Jodie Whittaker's final season as the Time Lord will premiere on Halloween.

Dickinson (AppleTV+) - Nov. 5

Hailee Steinfeld takes her final bow as Emily Dickinson in the third and final season of AppleTV+'s Dickinson. 

Gentefied (Netflix) - Nov. 10

Netflix's Gentefied will return with a second season on Nov. 10.

The Flash (The CW) - Nov. 16

The Flash is back for season eight on Tuesday, Nov. 16. 

Riverdale (The CW) - Nov. 16

The grown-up kids of Riverdale return on Tuesday, Nov. 16 for season six.

Hanna (Amazon Prime Video) - Nov. 24

Amazon Prime Video's action-packed series Hanna returns for a third season on Nov. 24.

Selling Sunset - Nov. 24

Season four of Netflix's popular series returns Nov. 24.

12 Dates of Christmas (HBO Max) - Nov. 25

Three new singles seek out someone special to bring home for the holidays in HBO Max's 12 Dates of Christmasreturning for season two on Nov. 25. 

Emily in Paris (Netflix) - Dec. 22

Say bonjour to season two of Emily in Paris, premiering on Netflix on Dec. 22. 

The Book of Boba Fett (Disney+) - Dec. 29

Disney+'s newest Star Wars series, The Book of Boba Fett, will premiere before the New Year: Dec. 29, to be exact.