Halle Berry Has the Sweetest Response to Nicki Minaj Fan Trying to Get Noticed By the Rapper

After Halle Berry received some love from Nicki Minaj on social media, the Oscar winner encouraged the rapper’s fans not to feel “left out.” Scroll on to see what the actress had to say.

By Kisha Forde May 14, 2021 3:57 PMTags
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Beam me up, Halle.
When it comes to getting noticed by rapper Nicki Minaj, some fans are currently wishing they were as lucky as Halle Berry, who got a special shoutout from the rapper during her Instagram Live video on Friday, May 14.
The actress appeared in the comment section of the "Itty Bitty Piggy" rapper's Live by simply writing the open-eyes emoji—which quickly got Nicki's attention. And although the actress was happy to be on the receiving end of that acknowledgment, she was also sweet enough to try to include the rapper's fans.
One fan took to Twitter, writing, "me watching nicki say hi to halle berry but not me when I'm also in the comments." The Monster's Ball actress then retweeted the fan's tweet along with the cutest message, writing, "Hi, don't feel left out sis." The Academy Award winner even included a heart emoji to share the love.

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After all, it's truly the effort that counts, right?

Halle Berry was just one of the thousands of viewers that made sure to tune into Nicki's Instagram Live to get a glimpse of the star.
The record-breaking rapper hopped on the platform to not only celebrate her mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty, being available on streaming services for the first time ever—but she also made an unbelievable moment happen for fans by adding Drake to her live for a nostalgia-filled reunion.
The two musicians both infamously made waves under the Young Money label, starting in 2009. Drake is also featured on the rapper's mixtape on the re-released track "Seeing Green."

Incredibly sweet of Halle to share the mutual love with some of Nicki's Super-fanbase.