The Surprising Way Joe Jonas Achieved the Sexy Physique Seen in His Thirst Trap Selfie

Joe Jonas has dished about his diet and fitness regimen that allowed him to achieve the hot physique he displayed in a recent third trap selfie, which delighted his wife, Sophie Turner.

By Corinne Heller May 13, 2021 8:01 PMTags
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In March, Joe Jonas was burnin' up Instagram with a totally hot shirtless thirst trap selfie that definitely excited his wife, Sophie Turner.

In a new interview with GQ magazine, the Jonas Brothers singer reveals an unconventional, high-tech piece of equipment that helped him achieve the ripped physique he displayed in the photo, which the actress shared and captioned, 1-800-DIAL-A-DADDY."

"I...have a little mobile gym in my Tesla, which came in handy on set the other day," he said in comments posted on Thursday, May 13. "I'd rather be doing something, keeping my body moving, instead of just sitting around and playing on my phone or watching a movie when we have downtime."

Joe, who recently returned to acting and filmed the Korean War drama Devotion earlier this year, broke down his diet and fitness regimen. In the morning, he drinks coffee and then a green smoothie with "superfoods, some prebiotics, probiotics, organic vegetables and fruits," after which he works out for "about 30 to 40 minutes—typically something from my trainer Matt Blank."

"And then probably hit the Peloton for another 20 or 30, then go to the sauna," he said. "I really like to box—cardio-based, high intensity stuff."

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For lunch and dinner, the 31-year-old star said he has been eating more fish and sushi lately, along with a lot of green vegetables. He also snacks on apples or bananas with almond butter and doesn't shy away from alcohol (he enjoys a drink made with with Tanqueray Sevilla Orange, with whom he has a partnership) or the occasional sweet treat.

"I also know putting the right food in my body is important. Obviously, that's not saying that sometimes I don't indulge," he said. "I'm big on dark chocolate—my favorite is the Lindt Excellence with a touch of sea salt."

Sophie Turner/Instagram

Joe told GQ that he's been more interested in health and wellness in recent years. "I've realized that I'm going 100 miles per hour every day, whether I'm working or not," he said. "To maintain that health and to feel good about myself mentally, physically, emotionally, a lot of these routines are going to get me through the day, the week, the month. That's why I try to protect my mornings. That's my 'me' time."