Watch Quad Fight Toya Over Her "Bulls--t Ass Apartment" Comment in Married to Medicine Preview

The ladies' latest argument is over apartment digs and calling one another "mannequins" at a cocktail party. Watch the explosive sneak peek.

By Samantha Bergeson May 14, 2021 3:00 PMTags
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Condo versus co-op? Not quite.

The ladies of Married to Medicine have argued over emoji etiquette, "hanger" and now, houses. In an exclusive sneak peek at Sunday's new episode, Toya Bush-Harris goes head to head with Quad Webb over a "tipsy" Instagram Live jab about Quad's home. 

Dr. Heavenly Kimes threatens to "pull up the receipts" after Toya tries to pin the drama on her. "When I joined Cecil [Whitmore]'s Instagram Live, let's be clear, she was tipsy," Toya says in a confessional. 

A replay of Toya's comments prove that she was the one who actually came for Quad, saying she "talks that bulls––t" in her "bulls––t ass apartment." Yikes.

So what's Toya's explanation? 

"When I said what I said, 'bulls––t ass apartment,' I didn't know what she lived in," Toya tells the camera. "She could have lived in a box." What a defense!

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Quad starts a scene at her cocktail party, gesturing around and telling her co-stars that "this is not an apartment" and it's the "only place I've lived." Heavenly jumps in to slam Toya, who tells her to "mind your f––king business" since she's only causing more problems. 

"You're horrible," Heavenly claps back at Toya. "You're trying to put it on me because I didn't do it."


Meanwhile Toya is trying to unsuccessfully mend things with Quad: "I've been nothing but a friend to you every time, every f––king time," she yells, before calling her a bitch. The other ladies urge Toya to just outright apologize, but Toya is already heading towards the exit. 

"All these steps. It is a f––king apartment," she hilariously mutters. Quad is left upstairs repeating that Toya is a "motherf––king mannequin" and that's a wrap on her so-called dinner party.

You just have to watch this preview clip for yourself to see all the crazy drama!

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