James Corden Reveals the Secret to His 23-Pound Weight Loss

James Corden shared his secret to achieving his weight loss in an interview with The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. And, we gotta say, we didn’t see this one coming.

By Kisha Forde May 13, 2021 3:21 PMTags
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James Corden shared his personal tip when it comes to losing weight—and it turns out, it's all in his head.
In a recent interview with The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, the late-night talk show host shared that he doesn't attribute his recent loss to physical activity, but instead credited his new mindset.
"This is my tip—and I'm not, for one minute, saying that I've cracked this—but I've done every single diet in the world," he said, laughing. "I've done them all and what I've realized is the notion of going on a diet is wrong. You're not going on a diet—you're gonna change the way you eat. And you're gonna change the way you eat forever. Just see this as: This is how you eat now."
The Carpool Karaoke star announced his plan to lose weight through his partnership with WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) back in January.

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The following month, Corden shared with host Oprah Winfrey that he was motivated to switch up his habits for his family, which include wife Julia, and 10-year-old son Max and daughters Carey, 6, and Charlotte, 3. "I want to change the way that I live," he shared. "I want to be better for my children and for my family."
That being said, he's not here for anyone wanting to insult people's life choices. Back in 2019, the Cats actor spoke out when Bill Maher said, "Fat shaming doesn't need to end, it needs to make a comeback."


Corden addressed the comment on his late-night talk show, saying, "There's a common and insulting misconception that fat people are stupid and lazy, and we're not. We get it, I've struggled my entire life trying to manage my weight and I suck at it. I've had good days and bad months."

Now, it seems that the star is having quite the good stretch and it's all because he changed his mind.