Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene

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While basically the whole Twilight cast was busy at the MTV Movie Awards cleaning up shop, there were a couple of castmembers noticeably absent. Jackson Rathbone wasn't there because he was doing his music thing, but where was Nikki Reed? You'd think the self-professed jobless gal would have jumped at the chance to fit the awards show into her schedule.

Unless there were bigger names who didn't want her there. Or maybe Nik just preferred to keep taking the quasi-high road and stay out of the way of Robsten. Even though Ms. Reed claims she and Kristen Stewart are fine, actions (and passive aggressive PR moves) speak louder than words, babes!

Well, it seems like all the Rob-related tension has only been working in Ashley Greene's favor.

Even though Ash said she didn't really hang with Kris much in Vancouver, the two got über-close near the end of filming in VBC and over in Italy. You could even see them hanging all over each other onstage when accepting for Best Movie. This is so a turn of events here, people—these two gals never really chilled during the filming of Twilight. Well, much like the entire cast's bedroom doors, friends rotate on set, too, and right now Nikki is so out and Ashley is so in when it comes to Kristen's fave gal costar.

This means tons of things for Ms. Greene. Tons. Now that she's positioning herself as a bestie with the Twi powerhouse, get ready for tons of goss to start dropping about her. Not that we think she'll mind all that much. When Eclipse starts filming in August, we so won't be surprised if we now hear rumors of "Ashley and Rob" hookups. Expect it, actually.

FYI, Pattz is actually the one guy Ms. Greene hasn't been accurately attached to.

Hopefully, Ash can keep Kristen busy, now that her main man Rob is over in NYC for most of the summer. Even if K & R don't get to spend a lot of time together over the next couple of months, at least they had one last night of dirty fun. But it pains us to say: Get ready for a long summer of tons of non-Robsten hookup rumors. We'll keep you aware of any legit ones, though. Promise.

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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