Watch Steve-O Wow Lisa Vanderpump With His Insane Party Trick on Overserved

By Samantha Bergeson May 12, 2021 7:00 PMTags
Watch: Steve-O Shows Lisa Vanderpump His Cool Party Trick

Jackass sure can drink. 

Beloved prankster Steve-O is bringing his impressive body contorting techniques to Villa Rosa on Overserved with Lisa VanderpumpGuests are wowed by Steve-O's "cool trick" in this sneak peek at tomorrow's episode and even Lisa Vanderpump is shocked by Steve-O's skills! 

"I always encourage everybody to learn it because if you can learn how to do this trick, you get free drinks for the rest of your life," Steve-O jokes while setting up. 

"I have free drinks for the rest of my life," Lisa quips.

Steve-O asks for a plastic cup—only available in Lisa's signature rosé pink shade—before breaking down each step. "I'm going to balance this drink on my head. The rule is, I'm not allowed to raise my arms at all and I have to drink it without spilling a drop," Steve-O explains.

Lisa wishes him good luck, but it's clear Steve-O is a pro.

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He climbs onto the base of a fountain, crunches to lift the cup up with his thighs and then contorts his body to roll over, placing the cup safely down again. 

You just have to see it for yourself!

Check out the OMG-worthy premiere ahead of Thursday's new episode.