All of the Side Characters Who've Just Disappeared From MTV's Siesta Key

Throughout its four-year run, MTV's Siesta Key has seen a lot of minor characters blow into Florida for a short time. Here's what they're up to now.

By Tierney Bricker May 12, 2021 12:00 PMTags
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The only thing that comes and goes faster than the waves in Siesta Key are minor characters.

After an extended break due to the coronavirus pandemic, MTV's reality hit returns for its fourth season on Wednesday, but they'll be in a new location.

Our favorite residents from the beachside Florida town—including Chloe Trautman, Brandon Gomes, Juliette Porter, Kelsey Owens, Amanda Miller and Madisson Hausburg—filmed the new episodes over the course of a month on Palm Island in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The quarantined set limited the amount of new faces that could appear, which, as any fan knows, is a staple of Siesta Key, a show that has seen its fair share of side characters blow into town since its debut in 2017. Who could forget when Bachelor in Paradise star Robbie Hayes joined the series in season three, much to the chagrin of several cast members? And remember when Cara Geswelli had a freakout on a boat and demanded a producer take her home, breaking the fourth wall? 

They weren't there for a long time, but they were there for a dramatic time. And for that, we are thankful. 

Siesta Key Romance Report

So, what have all Siesta Key's minor players been up to since leaving the show? Let's cut to the feelin'...

Cara Geswelli

While Juliette Porter was concerned when former cast member Alex Kompothecras' ex-girlfriend popped up in season two to rekindle their romance, Cara surprised everyone when she ended up dating Garrett Miller. But the two called it quits after she temporarily moved to New Jersey. They attempted to reconcile, but Cara memorably mad at her personal trainer boyfriend for not noticing her nose job in the season three premiere. Following allegations of cheating, Cara then quit the show on-camera and moved to New York.  

After a rumored romance with JJ Mizell, she's back in Florida and is dating Michael Wheary, who is friends with Juliette's boyfriend Sam Logan. (Six degrees of Sarasota!) So, yes, we were a bit confused when she briefly appeared in the trailer for season four and seemed upset over Garrett's new relationship. 

Victoria Gonzalez

Cara's sidekick who was always there to offer advice and listen to her relationship woes, Victoria left Siesta Key alongside her very-much-over-it BFF. Though she still resides in Florida.

Robbie Hayes

The Bachelor Nation alum caused a lot of drama in a little time when he joined season three by dating Juliette. But their romance was shortlived and Robbie's most memorable moment was throwing Amanda Miller's cellphone into the water in the middle of a fight. He bought her a waterproof phone case as an apology, but it was clear his time on the show was drying up when other cast members accused him of being a clout-chaser.

Robbie, 32, is still a social media influencer living in Venice, Calif.

Jake Peterson

A friend of Robbie's and brand director at Rebella, Jake formed a romantic connection with Kelsey Owens, an ambassador for his company, in season three. But their relationship ended when he returned home to take care of an ailing parent and she rekindled her romance with Garett. Still, that didn't stop Jake from pursuing Kelsey.

Jake is still a partner at Rebella and lives in Los Angeles.

Carson Wall

A presence in season one and two, Carson was involved in a serious car crash with Brandon Gomes in September 2018.

While Brandon was able to walk away from the scene of the accident, Carson was taken to the hospital for his injuries. He later took to his Instagram to update his followers, saying, "After yesterday I just wanted to say be sure to cherish all the little things in life a little extra. You seriously never know what's going to happen and I can only thank god im able to post this today. @_brandongomes and I are lucky to be alive.. just tells me we have a bigger purpose than life itself."

Carson has occasionally popped up in episodes here and there, last appearing in 2020. He still lives in Florida and is repped by a Miami modeling agency.

Canvas Brummel

A late addition to the show's season one cast, the singer-songwriter from Atlanta stirred up trouble when she flirted with Brandon while he was dating Madisson Hausburg. While they didn't end up hooking up, Canvas was the one to break the news to Madisson that Brandon had cheated on her with a random girl after one of their shows. Ouch.

But, after a brief flirtation with Madisson's sister Paige Hausburg, Canvas was never seen in Sarasota again and is now on OnlyFans.

Ben Riney

Madisson's boyfriend from college blew into town in season two and once again swept her off her feet, eventually moving to Sarasota to continue their relationship. But their romance quickly fizzled out when Madisson found out he had been texting Tawni, Canvas' best friend. 

Ben denied that he was cheating on Madison, tweeting in February 2019, "What was alleged against me, and what I saw in texts last night were two very different things."

JJ Mizell

Amanda Miller's ex-boyfriend first appeared in season three, quickly rekindling his romance with the petite reality star. But the pair called it quits again and Amanda claimed JJ was a "cheating narcissist" on Twitter in July 2020.

Tarik Jenkins

Introduced as an old friend of cast member Madisson in the latter half of the debut season, the show's first openly gay cast member didn't return for its sophomore outing.

"[Tarik] was genuinely making things up … out of thin air," main cast member Chloe Trautman revealed on The Morning Toast podcast at the time. "He was too much, had to go."

Tarik now lives in California and works in software development, per his Instagram bio.

Hannah Starr

Juliette's close friend made her debut in season one, occasionally appearing throughout the show's run. She splits her time between NYC and Florida and is still tight with some of the cast.  

Joe Ferrarelli

The aspiring actor appeared in several episodes in season three as a friend of Madisson's she met in her acting class. While he was presented as a possible love interest, Madisson ended the season by announcing she was moving to Los Angeles to live with her longtime boyfriend (and former Siesta Key producer) Ish Soto. Joe's reaction to the news was memorable: "You sure?" Considering they got engaged soon after, it seems she was very sure.

Joe is still acting.

Siesta Key airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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