90 Day's Colt & Vanessa Dish on Engagement, Their Sex Life and Dream Celebrity Wedding Guests

By Samantha Bergeson May 11, 2021 6:53 PMTags

Colt Johnson is proof that there is always a second (or third) chance at love. 

The 90 Day Fiancé star has captivated audiences with his efforts to settle down. After a failed marriage to Larissa Dos Santos Lima and highly-publicized divorce in April 2019, Colt seemed to have found his one and only with Jess Caroline on spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?—but he couldn't stop thinking about "friends with benefits" partner Vanessa Guerra

Colt finally popped the question to Vanessa in the season finale of 90 Day: The Single Life, and even his mother Debbie Johnson approved! So what have Colt and Vanessa been up to since filming wrapped on the Discovery+ reality show in November 2020? 

The newly-engaged couple exclusively shared their wedding plans on E! News' Nightly Pop on May 10. They even teased which 90 Day celebrity fans they'd want to invite to their nuptials...and into their bedroom. 

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Colt kissed Vanessa's hand while watching back his awkward proposal during which Vanessa said yes, but clarified she'd want to be engaged for at least a year before walking down the aisle. Yet their timeline may be moving faster now that Colt has proven to Vanessa that she can trust him. 

"We're very happy right now," Colt gushed to Nightly Pop co-hosts Kym Whitley and Nina Parker

"I'm not backing out!" Vanessa joked. "The main thing was, I have a lot of trust issues. He's totally changed my mind on that now. He's given me passwords on all his accounts on everything. That isn't really an issue anymore." 


Colt even quipped that he gives his phone to Vanessa whenever he goes to the bathroom; that's the level of comfort and transparency they're at as a couple. 

But is Colt's sex drive as ferocious as ever now that he's settled down? Vanessa is at least thankful Colt has "calmed down the talking a bit." Colt added that a healthy balance is key. While he'd ideally like to be intimate five times a day (!!), Vanessa can't keep up with that. 

"Maybe we're not there yet one hundred percent but we have a lifetime to figure out the little details," Colt reasoned. "It's just the energy. Some people don't like to cook. They don't care about having a good steak, they just want to go out and have a hamburger or fast food or something. There's a difference. Everybody's got to eat but it's a different level." 

Of course Nina also gets Colt and Vanessa to spill on his double date from hell with ex Jess and her new husband Brian. While Colt was anxious Vanessa would assume he was trying to rekindle things with Jess, Vanessa was "more worried about her throwing shoes at you." 

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If a throuple with Jess is off the table, what other stars would the couple want to invite to one of their five times a day party under the sheets?

Chris Hemsworth is a no-brainer for Vanessa, and Colt has to think for a moment before landing on Jessica Alba. "She's a celebrity, she's pretty, she's a billionaire," Colt explained.

"This is a throuple, you don't get her money!" Vanessa laughed.

While plenty of A-listers like Lady GagaChrissy Teigen and Seth Rogen are fans of 90 Day, it seems like a surprise celebrity cameo may be in the works for Colt and Vanessa's nuptials. "Chrissy is a huge fan of 90 Day. Seth Rogen, I think he tweeted at me," Colt teased. "Come one, come all!" 

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Those are official wedding invites, people! So can we expect the newly-engaged duo to appear on TLC's 90 Day Fiancé? We need to see Vanessa in a wedding dress ASAP! 

90 Day: The Single Life Tell All reunion airs Sunday, May 16 on discovery+