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UPDATE: Rob and Kristen finally emerged together this afternoon. Check out K's disheveled hair! If that doesn't scream bed-head, we don't know what does. Love how X17 is "exclusively" saying they are together. Jeez, welcome to the party a little late, guys!

While some Twilight costars like Billy Burke say there's nothing going on with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (what would he really know, anyway), we decided to talk to the younger castmates who have actually been out and co-chilled with Robsten. Folks who haven't been so purposely shushed, either.

We found New Moon actors Michael Welch (who plays Mike Newton) and Christian Serratos (who plays Angela) and asked them to dish about the hotness that is Robsten.

So what makes Robert and Kristen's chemistry so great?

"First of all, stepping back," said Michael, "the story itself is the classic story of eternal teenage love. It goes all the way back to Romeo and Juliet. So between that and then, like you said, Kristen and Rob were so perfectly cast. Honestly, they hangout a lot and get along really well. So that makes their chemistry explosive onscreen. And Kristen and Rob…[long pause like he's thinking about what he can say] well, I think it's only going to get hotter and better from here."

As for a gal's perspective?

"They actually have chemistry," said Christian. "You either have it or you don't. And Rob and Kristen have it."

The babe started laughing, adding, "And they do it well."

Such a tease! Almost as good of a tease as Rob and Kristen's Best Kiss acceptance speech. Christian also told us Rob and Kristen are "going through a lot right now."

What do you mean?

"Kristen is really cool, she's always superrelaxed. But I mean, she's gone through a lot of...'celebrity.' There's a lot she's had to deal with and Rob's had to deal with. And they've both handled it really well. But I won't go into that for them!"

Well, K.Stew is going through typical boy problems that any 19-year-old has, but it's just out in the open for people to see. For ince, "boyfriend" Michael Angarano was not her plus-one for the MTV Movie Awards last night.

So how did Kristen spend the whole night celebrating instead? Per Radar (which, remember, also said Kristen's boyfriend was in Italy, yeah, right): A dinner date alone with Robert Pattinson! Poor Robsten even had to have a police escort out of the restaurant, taking them back to their West Hollywood hotel…together. Just too delish.

Check out, too, Marc Malkin's backstage Twilight lowdown from the MTV Movie Awards.

More morsels—including who else is joining the Robsten dinner party, yum-friggin'-yum!—soon. Within hours. Cross our Robsten'-lovin' hearts.

(Originally published June 1, 2009, at 1:03 p.m. PT)

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