Ben Higgins' Fiancée Jessica Clarke Reveals the One Rule She Had for His Bachelor Party

Ben Higgins celebrated his bachelor party in Cabo San Lucas with a few of his pals. Scroll on to learn the details of his trip and if his fiancée Jessica Clarke had any "rules" about the weekend.

By Elyse Dupre May 11, 2021 2:42 PMTags
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This Bachelor just had his bachelor party. 

During the May 11 episode of The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous podcast, Ben Higgins dished on his trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with his buddies.

The season 20 star, who got engaged to Jessica Clarke in March 2020, said he and his pals were able to get the COVID-19 vaccine ahead of the vacation and were tested before and after the getaway. "It was really great that it worked out because everybody that was able to go was able to get a vaccine ahead of time," he said. "We got two separate houses. We did a boat cruise. We played golf one day. One day we hung by the pool. It was a really special time for me." 

One of Ben's favorite memories was the boat cruise. "We were in the ocean, we're swimming around and it had everybody on this beach—people from, like, 25 years old to 45 years old, I guess," the 32-year-old reality TV star recalled. "And everybody was, like, climbing the rocks and, like, building sandcastles and just, like, running around tackling each other into the water. I don't know, it was just awesome to see these buddies of mine who I've done that with my whole life doing that as husbands, and fathers and adults."

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He also shared a memorable moment with his father. "So, my dad was supposed to go down with me. He's my best man," Ben said. "About a week and a half ago, he had another heart surgery. He was feeling super sick when I was home last for my grandpa's funeral. He ended up going to the doctor, going to the emergency room. They found 95 percent blockage in his arteries. So, he had another heart surgery, and so he wasn't able to go….But he videoed a toast for the dinner to me, and it was just super special."

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At one point during the episode, Ben asked his fiancée Jessica if she had any "rules" for his bachelor party.

"I actually pulled one of your friends aside, I think without you knowing," she replied, "and I said I wanted you to have one night that you couldn't remember."

And it looks like the future groom did. "It was when you won the booty shaking contest," the 25-year-old bride-to-be added. "That's what you told me it was."

Ben celebrated this next chapter with his childhood and high school friends, as well as with a few of his work and Bachelor buddies. Jared Haibon, Dean Unglert, Nick Viall, Wells Adams and Blake Horstmann were among the members of Bachelor Nation in attendance.

"You have all these people from different, like, seasons of my life, in one place meeting each other for the first time—a lot of them," Ben said. "And for me, it was sacred; it was special."