See Adam Sandler Return to IHOP and Reunite With the Host Who Turned Him Away

After Adam Sandler was turned away from IHOP by a teen host who didn't recognize him, the pair reconnected at the restaurant. See what happened when he returned.

By Ryan Gajewski May 11, 2021 11:21 AMTags
Watch: Adam Sandler Reacts to Viral Video of Him Getting Turned Away at IHOP

Adam Sandler returned to the IHOP that didn't have a table for him, and it was all ice cream under the bridge.

After a teen IHOP host went viral last month with a TikTok video in which she admitted to turning away the comedy superstar, the pair shared some adorable photo ops on Monday, May 10. The reconnection was made possible after Adam returned to the restaurant in Manhasset, Long Island to celebrate its "Milkshake Monday" tribute to him

Dayanna Rodas posted a slideshow of pics, including a number of herself side-by-side with the Sandman. She added the caption, "Couldn't have been more excited!! Thank you Adam Sandler!" 

Both of them wore "IHOP" masks and were gathered in honor of the restaurant chain's charity promotion, in which IHOP restaurants in the Long Island, N.Y. area offered all-you-can-drink milkshakes. Additionally, a portion of nationwide milkshake proceeds was donated to nonprofit organization Comedy Gives Back.

The promotion was cooked up after the 54-year-old Grown Ups star took to social media on Monday, May 3 to respond to Dayanna's viral video from April 25. Her post showed him and his daughter exiting the IHOP after they were informed of a 30-minute wait for a table. 

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"For the record, I only left the IHOP because the nice woman told me the all-you-can-eat deal didn't apply to the milkshakes," Adam tweeted.


On May 10, he posted a photo of his pet pooch looking quite satisfied while standing outside of the restaurant. "Thank u IHOP for Milkshake Monday," the actor wrote. 

In her initial TikTok post on April 25, Dayanna appeared with a clown face as she shared security-camera footage showing her brief exchange with Adam, who she admitted to not recognizing.

"Pleaseee come back," she wrote. "Not realizing its Adam Sandler and telling him its a 30min wait and him ofc leaving bc hes not going to wait 30mins for IHOP."

In a later post explaining why she didn't recognize the star, she said she'd "never seen Adam Sandler with a beard," not to mention that "the mask didn't help."