Spoiler Chat: Is Lafayette Dead on True Blood?

Get scoop on True Blood, Burn Notice, Weeds and all your other summer faves

By Team WWK Jun 01, 2009 11:30 PMTags
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Will Lafayette, our favorite Louisiana short-order cook slash Internet sex entrepreneur, be returning to True Blood in season two? We just talked to Stephen Moyer and have an answer.

Plus, what's to come on your other favorite summer shows?

What's with knocked-up Nancy Botwin—is she keepin' her baby?

Which returning baddie is toying with the Burn Notice boys?

And is Amy having second thoughts about Ricky on Secret Life of the American Teenager? Read on for the answers to these and other burning TV questions:

Ariel in New York: Did Kristin have her baby? Is she OK? We never heard an update, and my friends and I had a joint nightmare that something awful happened. We <3 Kristin! Baby? Baby? Baby?

Sally in Buffalo, N.Y.: Do you have any info on Mad Men season three?
Did you happen to turn off your TV after the Breaking Bad season finale? That means you missed the Mad Men trailer for season three, but lucky for you, we've embedded it right here. Yay for new promo, but boo for no new footage. Hit the comments with what you're most excited to see in the new season!   

Perry in Atlanta: Love The Bachelorette this season! What's the early word on whom she chooses?
We just spoke with Jillian Harris and asked her how much we don't see of the interaction she has with the guys, and she told us, "For the audience's sake and for the story's sake, I have to always bring that stuff in front of the camera. If Jake and I talk about something on our drive down to Martina McBride—we had some really deep conversations about life and love—and I made sure that I brought those conversations up again [on camera] so that when our relationship progresses, you can understand how it is that Jill's falling in love with this guy." Wait, did she say falling in love? Why, yes she did. Maybe that's just a phrase she's throwing around, maybe it's the answer to your Q.

Jessica in Valencia, Calif.: What's the winning Medium moment?
We're going to have to go with Lynette's suggestion to fill out the top 20: "When Allison tried out her alternate reality with her gran's help but then ended up at Joe's door in the rain with the Dixie Chicks song."


Jenny in Dartmouth, N.H.: Please say Life and Better Off Ted will be renewed. Please.
Sadly, Life is dead, but ABC did renew Better Off Ted, and the Alphabet is airing new episodes this summer, beginning June 23. (Then it comes back midseason with more new eps.) If you haven't seen this show yet, please take advantage of the summer doldrums to give it a shot. Better Off Ted is very funny and surprisingly endearing as well.

Linda D.: How could you not include Christian Kane from Leverage in your 2009 Summer TV Stars gallery?
Sorry! Updated! Meanwhile, this is a good time to let you know that you can look for many more TV photo galleries from Watch With Kristin in the coming months. Do you have an idea or a request for a certain gallery? If yes, post the idea in the comments and/or email us at tvdiva@eonline.com and we'll try to make it so! (Gossip Girl fashion gallery, anybody?)

Maddy in Lincoln, Neb.: I'm bored at work sometimes—got any suggestions for TV-related Internet stuff that I could use to kill time?
Why yes, we do, Maddy, and thank you for asking! Check out Celeb Addictionary and see if there are any TV-related words that need to be better known, and don't be shy about adding fandom-specific stuff like Huddy and Hameron. Such terms certainly are part of our TV vocabulary even if they aren't formal dictionary words, per se.

HBO/Jaimie Trueblood

Diana in Bend, Ore.: What can you tell us about True Blood? I'm so excited for season two!
We just chatted up True Blood star Stephen Moyer and asked him about the future of Nelsan Ellis' brilliant Lafayette, and Moyer said, "Lafayette, I can't talk about. Nelsan is an amazing dude, and, uh, I hope he does come back...but I, you know...who knows." There's no decisive statement in there, but "I hope he does come back" seems to suggest that Lafayette's gone somewhere, and for that matter, Nelsan's Lafayette also does not appear in any of the season two promo photos, the press releases or the books after Dead Until Dark. Long story short, we're starting to feel pretty naive for having believed/hoped the show was just toying with us and would find a way to keep Lafayette around for season two and beyond. We are going to need a lot of naked vampires to make up for this disaster. Post your Lafayette lamentations in the comments, and don't forget to check back soon for more from Stephen Moyer about True Blood season two.

Elana in Warsaw: Do you have any new True Blood news?
Lesbians! You heard about the lesbians, right? Vampire queen Sophie and Sookie's cousin Lois Lane Hadley Hale end up sucking face. Now we just need to resolve this question: What's the most HoYay show on TV: Glee or True Blood? Call it in the comments...


Rose in Mount Vernon, N.Y.: What will happen on Grey's Anatomy next season? Are George and Izzie goners?
E! Online's own Marc Malkin has an inside source who says that T.R. Knight is leaving Grey's Anatomy due to issues with executive producer Shonda Rhimes. Sources tell TVGuide.com, "That story is utterly false. Nothing at all has changed in T.R.'s status." Rhimes has also gone on record debunking new rumors that an entirely different actor would play George thanks to plastic surgery. However, we all know Shonda toed the lines of truth last season and likes to keep the audience guessing.

Melissa in Galveston, Texas.: You don't talk about it much, but do you have any scoop on the next season of Secret Life of the American Teenager?
We just caught up with Amy herself (Shailene Woodley), who tells us, "I'm in love with my boyfriend, who is not the father of my baby. And the father of my baby, I don't really like him, but there's always that question in the back of my mind: 'He is the father, so could he be my boyfriend someday?' There's a lot of drama [this season], just in the sense that my boyfriend Ben gets very jealous because Ricky's at my house every night taking care of the baby, and Ben thinks maybe something else is going on."


Dana in Silver Spring, Md.: What's the deal with the season finale of Desperate Housewives? Does Mike marry Susan or Katherine? It's driving me crazy! Please fill me in on anything you know.
Here's what we do know, back at the Paley Fest, executive producer Marc Cherry talked about the possibility of Mike (James Denton) and Susan (Teri Hatcher) getting back together, "The idea is, we'll get back there. I don't know when. If ABC makes a deal with all of us, it looks like we have a few years to play this out, so I would imagine at some point in time Susan and Mike will find their way back in each other's universe." Do you think he's reunited the original Housewives couple, or is he dragging it another few seasons, giving Mike and Katherine (Dana Delany) marital bliss? We want you to hit the comments with who you think was behind the veil or at least who you hope it was.

Analie: How about some scoop for the CRU crew?  What's in store for the Greek finale? Anything on the Cappie-Casey front?
Casey (Spencer Grammer) has a near-death experience in the season finale of Greek, which leads her to admitting that she's in love with Cappie (Scott Michael Foster), but he actually shoots her down. That doesn't mean she's staying with Max either though (Hint: Michael Rady is on Melrose Place next season).

Sonja Flemming/Showtime

Tiffany in Houston, Texas: Can you give me any scoop on Weeds?
Jennifer Jason Leigh
is perfect as Nancy's sister Jill Price-Gray (aka "bitchface"). If JJL is looking for a regular summer job, we hope she'll consider doing more seasons of Weeds, as she fits into the cast perfectly and has great chemistry with Mary-Louise Parker. There's one moment where they switch without signal from "I hate you, evil slag" to "Cute necklace" and it encapsulates everything you need to know about the relationship between these two sisters.

Liane in Independence, Calif.: Looking forward to new Weeds episodes! How is Nancy going to get out of her current pregnancy predicament?
Since her pregnancy is the only thing keeping her alive, Nancy's more than happy to keep the baby for now! That said, if Nancy is going to save herself from one of Esteban's hitmen before season's end, it looks like it will probably be thanks to some combination of DEA guy, Guillermo and the well-armed Mexican rebel leader (the ubiquitous and hot Kevin Alejandro) with whom Celia becomes close frienemies.

Erica in Vashon, Wash.: Thank you for covering Legend of the Seeker! I know it's just a little syndicated show but it's so fun! Got any more scoop?
Bridget Regan
(love her) spills of Legend of the Seeker season two, "We're told there's going to be a rival for Richard's affections." Gasp!

USA/Glenn Watson

Kirk in Palm Springs, Calif.: What can you tell us about Burn Notice before it premieres on June 4?
When season three of Burn Notice premieres, Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) survives his drop into the Atlantic Ocean only to end up in jail. Don't worry, this season isn't about breaking out from prison, though Michael shouldn't trust the guy (Brian Van Holt) who springs him from the slammer.

Ellis in Cape Coral, Fla.: Can't wait for more Burn Notice. Spill!
Mike's brother Nate is back in episode three, and not coincidentally so is arms-dealing baddie Jay Karnes, and Karnes is delish as a cackling villain who almost (almost!) gets the better of Mike.

Jane in Reston, Va.: Can't wait for Psych, can't believe I have to wait until freaking August to see it! Any news?
Psych is currently looking for a new slightly older (teenage) Young Shawn. But gah, what does that mean for the current Young Shawn, played by Liam James?! We love that kid!

Liz in Milwaukee, Wisc.: Thank you for the scoop about Gilles Marini appearing on Nip/Tuck! I love Gilles, and I love Nip/Tuck. Do you have any other news?
Just that the Nip/Tuck series finale starts shooting tomorrow! (It seems like just yesterday we were watching Sean and Christian reworking that drug lord's face in the season one finale.) BTW, creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed that Famke Janssen returns for the last two eps! Remember this from season two?

Karen in Chicago: Me and my fellow Chicagoan Obama are huge Entourage fans. What can we expect when it comes back?
Could Johnny Drama be starring in the new 90210? Entourage is now casting for a TV producer who had a major hit teen series in the '90s and is trying to get Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) to appear in the remake.

AP Photo/Peter Kramer

Rachel in Denver, Colo.: Any scoop on the aftermath of Annie killing someone in the 90210 finale?
We asked Annie's (Shenae Grimes) 90210 co-star Jessica Stroup that very question: "Of course it's going to change Annie inevitably. She's going to be a totally different character. I think next year is going to be amazing for her because she's going to go through a lot of changes with this character and down some really, really dark roads. I hope, at least, that it affects every one of us. I know that it's going to affect all the characters, but I hope it brings us back together at some point as a whole group."

Alicia in Sioux City, Iowa: We had to give up Showtime to save money—can you fill me in on The Tudors via spoilers until I can get the DVDs?
Damn this Great Recession! It's ruining everything. That said, Henry is at a bit of a low point now anyway, so you could probably see The Tudors season three via DVD and be fine. H8 is getting older and going through a depression. Summary: Anne of Cleves is a nervous wallflower (kudos to Joss Stone, though, for doing a great job in the part), and Katherine Howard is a total ho. Beautiful Princess Mary, on the other hand, is starting to crack up just a little bit, and that makes for great TV. We're eagerly awaiting The Tudors spinoff, Princess Wars: Mary vs. Elizabeth.

Mike in Alton, Ill.: I was wondering if you knew anything about the next season of Heroes.
Hiro's (Masi Oka) bloody noses and headaches are not going away next season on Heroes. In fact, it's going to be a cause for speculation on if we're going to lose another hero soon.

Karen Neal/TNT

Mary in Las Vegas, Nev.: I'm so glad Mark-Paul Gosselaar cut his hair! Oh, and I'm really looking forward to Raising the Bar, too!
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
explains Jerry's hair change on Raising the Bar, "Basically the whole reason for the haircut was through the jury process. The potential jury member says to Jerry that he doesn't trust him. And I question him. I say, 'Well, what don't you trust about me?' And he goes, 'Well, just your appearance. You look like a dirty hippie.' " We could've told him that last season!

Shira in Detroit: Any news on Californication?
The following celebrities will not be appearing on Californication this fall: Charlton Heston, Larry Flynt, Verne Troyer and Ezra Pound. However, there will be several characters who may remind you of them: a Hollywood legend, a wheelchair pimp, a little person stripper and a brilliant but sketchy professor-poet. Any dream casting for the roles, besides the obvious?

Carin Baer/FOX

Jason in South Salem, N.Y.: I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I am in love with the pilot of Glee! What can we look forward to in the fall?
First off, you can look forward to a whole summer full of Glee scoop. Earlier this year we hit the set of Glee, where they were filming Queen's "Somebody to Love." Plus, we were at the premiere, so we're overloaded with scoop. Let's start with the fact that Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) actually takes a break from the Glee club around episode five. Lea tells us, "She won't be gone for long, that's for sure. She's still on the show, she just might take a break from the Glee club." Enter Kristin Chenoweth as April Rhodes, the high school dropout/drunk who steps in to take over while Rachel is gone.

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—Reporting by Natalie Abrams and Jennifer Godwin