IHOP Responds to Adam Sandler's Viral Video With a Delicious Offer

After a video of Adam Sandler getting turned away from IHOP went viral, the restaurant chain cooked up a treat for customers. Keep reading to see what the house of pancakes has in store.

By Kisha Forde May 07, 2021 3:58 PMTags
Watch: Adam Sandler Reacts to Viral Video of Him Getting Turned Away at IHOP

How sweet is this!

IHOP has a delicious treat in store for customers, and it's all thanks to Adam Sandler. As fans may recall, footage of the comedian being turned away from the restaurant recently went viral, leading Sandler to tweet, "For the record, I only left the IHOP because the nice woman told me the all-you-can-eat deal didn't apply to the milkshakes." 

After seeing the Happy Gilmore actor's post, IHOP cooked up an idea. "You know what, @adamsandler," the company tweeted out on May 4. "You may be onto something here. In your honor, we'd like to declare May 10th, 2021 #MilkshakeMonday at IHOP."

Yes, you read that right.

The company is declaring a bit of their own happy holiday by offering a special deal on what's now called #MilkshakeMonday. Patrons can join in the fun on May 10th by enjoying a milkshake at any of the restaurant's locations nationwide for a good cause.

When Comedians Get Serious

An extra special treat? At any of the 19 locations based in Long Island, NY (which is where the comedian originally was in the video), guests can have All-You-Can-Drink milkshakes from 12:00-8:00 p.m. ET.

For every milkshake sold nationwide, IHOP will donate one dollar (up to $50,000) to Comedy Gives Back. The non-profit organization is helping to support incomes for comedians who have lost work during the pandemic as a result of closed clubs and venues.

Hopefully the restaurant chain's newly enacted holiday will lead to 50 First Dates.