A Guide to Who the Hell Is Related to Who on Mare of Easttown

Kate Winslet's Mare is far from the only character in Mare of Easttown. Here's your breakdown of who's related to who in HBO's buzzy drama.

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"Is there anybody you're not related to?"

Sure, that's what her new-in-town partner asked Mare (Kate Winslet) in episode three of Mare of Easttown, but it easily could've been asked by viewers from the very beginning of the gripping series.  

Created by Brad Ingelsby, HBO's latest buzzy drama is set in a small Pennsylvania town where all the residents know each other and might just be family. Forget Kevin Bacon, everyone seems to be six degrees of separation from Mare, a troubled detective with more baggage than a Real Housewife going on a week-long vacation. 

Equal parts whodunnit and family drama, the show has a lot of characters with tons of ties to each other as Easttown is the kind of place people rarely leave and are always in each other's business. Of course, that makes the investigation into the murder of teen mom Erin McMenanin (Cailee Spaeny) all the more captivating, complicated and, at times, confusing. 

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So, to help you keep up with your own armchair detective work, break out your note pad and a pencil to take some notes because we've got your breakdown of who's who and, more importantly, who's related to who in Easttown...

Mare Sheehan

Portrayed By: Kate Winslet
Who She Is: The still point of the turning world, man. And by turning point, we mean Easttown. A local hero thanks to a legendary game-winning performance in a high school basketball game that earned her the nickname "Lady Hawk," Mare is a detective who knows everyone in town. She's dealing with a lot, including a cold case involving her former teammate's daughter, an active murder investigation, an engaged ex-husband living next door, a teenage daughter who doesn't really like her, her unresolved trauma following her son's suicide, an impending custody battle with her son's ex over her grandson and two possible love interests. Phew, no wonder she's always vaping. 


Portrayed By: Jean Smart
Who She Is: Mare's hilarious and nosy mother who moved in with her after her grandson Kevin's death to help raise her great-grandson, Drew.

Detective Colin Zabel

Portrayed By: Evan Peters
Who He Is: A young detective who's been brought in to help Mare with the murder investigation after solving a major case. Of course the 33-year-old is eager to prove himself to his skeptical partner. In episode three, a drunk Colin reveals his fiancée broke up with him just before their wedding and shows a romantic interest in Mare.

Erin McMenamin

Portrayed By: Cailee Spaeny
Who She Is: Before her brutal murder was revealed at the end of episode one, viewers got a glimpse into Erin's tragic life as a single mother trying to raise her baby D.J. (who needs an expensive ear surgery), dealing with her ex-boyfriend and his jealous girlfriend and living with her volatile father. 

Kenny McMenamin

Portrayed By: Patrick Murney
Who He Is: Kenny is the alcoholic father of Erin, who is currently in jail after shooting her ex-boyfriend Dylan following her murder. He is also the cousin of Lori, Mare's best friend. (More on her later.)

Siobhan Sheehan

Portrayed By: Angourie Rice
Who She Is: One of the last people to see Erin alive, Siobhan is Mare's super-cool and talented teenage daughter who is the lead singer of a band. While she was dating bandmate Becca, she recently took an interest in Anne, a local college radio DJ.

Frank Sheehan

Portrayed By: David Denman
Who He Is: Mare's ex-husband and Siobhan's father who lives right next door to her and is engaged to Faye (Kate Arrington). In episode three, Mare accused him of fathering Erin's child, though he readily agreed to a paternity test and said he was only spending time with her to help out a student in need. Oops. (Yes, that is Pam's ex-fiancé Roy from The Office under that massive beard.)

Dylan Hinchey

Portrayed By: Jack Mulhern
Who He Is: Erin's ex-boyfriend and the father of her baby (or is he?), he stood by as his girlfriend beat Erin up on the night she died. His parents seem like surprisingly good people who help take care of D.J.

Brianna Delrasso

Portrayed By: Mackenzie Lansing
Who She Is: Dylan's super jealous and aggressive girlfriend who Catfished Erin and beat her up in the woods on the night she died, making her suspect number one in the murder investigation. Her parents were classmates with Mare in high school and did not appreciate her arresting their daughter in their restaurant during the dinner rush. 

Father Dan Hastings

Portrayed By: Neal Huff
Who He Is: The town's spiritual leader who also happens to be Mare's cousin that can make a mean martini. So yes, everyone is someone's cousin.

Deacon Mark Burton

Portrayed By: James McArdle
Who He Is: A calming figure in the community, until it's revealed in episode three he was the last person Erin called the night she died and that he was transferred from his previous parish under unknown circumstances. Oh, and he had Erin's bike in his trunk, which is tossed in the river at the end of the last episode. 

Lori Ross

Portrayed By: Julianne Nicholson
Who She Is: Lori is Mare's oldest and closest friend who was her basketball teammate in high school. She's married to John Ross, Erin's father's cousin, and they have two children. 

Billy and John Ross

Portrayed By: Robbie Tann and Joe Tippett
Who They Are: Mare brought the Ross brothers with her as backup when she went to tell Erin's father Kenny that she was murdered because they are his cousins. John is married to Lori, Mare's best friend, and is close with Frank, Mare's ex-husband. 

Richard Ryan

Portrayed By: Guy Pearce, Winslet's Mildred Pierce co-star
Who He Is: A divorced new-to-town esteemed novelist who is now a professor that has taken an interest in Mare.

Carrie Layden

Portrayed By: Sosia Bacon (Fun fact: As his daughter, she's one degree from Kevin Bacon)
Who She Is: The ex of Mare's son Kevin, who died by suicide before the show began. She's attempting to regain custody of her son Drew from Mare after getting sober. 

Dawn Bailey

Portrayed By: Enid Graham
Who She Is: Mare's former teammate and friend who has publicly questioned Mare's handling of the investigation into her daughter, Kate Bailey, who went missing one year ago.  

Mare of Easttown airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO and HBO Max.

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