Why Bling Empire Is More Than Just a Reality Show for Star Cherie Chan

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Bling Empire star Cherie Chan discussed the importance of representation, pushing back on stereotypes and more.

By Alyssa Ray May 06, 2021 12:41 AMTags
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For Cherie Chan, Bling Empire isn't just a reality show. It's an opportunity to break stereotypes about the AAPI community.

As E! News is celebrating AAPI Heritage Month all of May, the Netflix personality exclusively opened up about what it means to be on an all Asian cast. "I'm proud because I've never seen this many Asian Americans on TV before and let alone an all Asian American reality cast," she shared. "I'm very grateful for this opportunity that we're able to showcase our culture on TV."

Per the mother of two, representation on TV is so important now, especially amid the Stop AAPI Hate movement. "Because of the situation right now, the current situation, I feel like Asian Americans are finally speaking up," she said in reference to the March 16 spa shooting in Atlanta and other hate crimes against the Asian American Pacific Islander community. "I feel like more and more people are doing that and I'm really proud to be Asian American."

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While Cherie noted that more people are "understanding the gravity of the situation," she encouraged others to keep raising awareness for the cause. She added, "Just to see that support and to voice our opinions like, this is the time for us to make a change."

The Bling Empire star also hoped that this movement would strike a chord in Hollywood. "I definitely hope the future of Hollywood would not just paint us as, you know, the 'Love You Long Time' lady or like…the model minority," she expressed. "I hope this definitely open doors for everyone. We have so much talent to share."


After hitting back at the nerd stereotype frequently featured in films and TV, she applauded Bling Empire for showing that "we are so much more than that."

Most of all, Cherie wished that her mother, who passed away before the Netflix hit filmed, was here to watch the change occurring. "Because in her generation, that was it," she explained. "That's why she was always skeptical of me being in Hollywood. ‘Cause, she was like, ‘You know, those are the three things that they'll categorize you as.' Which is true."

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As Cherie highlighted, shows like Bling Empire will hopefully "break boundaries and create something new and bigger and better for Asian Americans in Hollywood."

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Bling Empire, which has been renewed for a second season, is available to stream on Netflix.

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