What's It Like Living With George Clooney? Expect A Lot of Brad Pitt and Rent Paid in Autographs

In a new parody video, George Clooney revealed what it's actually like living with an A-list celebrity, from being locked out of the bathroom for five hours to fangirling over Brad Pitt 24/7.

By Lindsay Weinberg May 05, 2021 12:56 AMTags

If you think you've ever had an annoying roommate, try living with George Clooney.

Apparently, the Oscar winner has picked up some disturbing at-home habits during quarantine, including a newfound interest in strange bedroom décor, which wife Amal Clooney is not a fan of. 

George, 59, revealed that his Brad Pitt obsession, controlling movie night choices and good ol' fashioned narcissism have made him almost unbearable to live with.

Fortunately, he's in on the joke, releasing a comedy sketch titled "George Clooney: World's Worst Pandemic Roommate" on Tuesday, May 4, to promote his charity sweepstakes with Omaze.

The parody video poked fun at George's absurd roommate demands, as The Midnight Sky actor deadpanned that he got "stuck" living with a "random" guy last year during the coronavirus lockdown, after buying a $7 Batman action figure from him off Craigslist. 

"We're basically best friends now," George said. Narrator: They are not. 

George Clooney's Best Roles

"Do I recommend hanging out with George Clooney?" the roomie, named Byron, said. "No. I do not." He went on, "At first I told myself not to worry. You know, celebrities are just people, too. I guess I forgot how strange people can be."

The shot cut to George standing in his bedroom with teal-painted walls, which were covered with Brad Pitt posters. He clutched a DIY pillow with photos of Brad all over, reflecting, "Can you believe Amal wanted me to throw this away? I'm not throwing this out. No way, man. No, thank you." He chuckled, adding, "Me and Brad." 


It's not the only evidence of his Brad Pitt bromance—George insisted on watching their crime movie Ocean's Eleven over and over again. 

"You'd think movie nights with a critically claimed actor/filmmaker would be cool, right?" Byron said. "Man, we've seen Ocean's Eleven like 22 times... And that wasn't even the weirdest part about it."

The clip showed George snacking on popcorn on the couch, laughing at one of Brad's scenes and remarking, "Look at him. He's so good."

His other Brad-tastic souvenirs included two cardboard cutouts of the Ad Astra star, with one being placed in the bathroom to greet you when you enter. 

Their problems didn't end there. As George admitted, "All roommates can get a little stir crazy sometimes." He then photobombed Byron's Zoom meetings by brushing his teeth and gargling in the background of his work calls. 

"It just wasn't working out for me," Byron shared of the nightmare scenario, before revealing it got worse. Allegedly, George paid rent in the form of signed photos of himself instead of, you know, actual money. "And he had no respect for personal boundaries," he continued. 

George seemed to have a different take on the situation. "It was an unforgettable time. We laughed, we learned, we lived. So, naturally, when the stay-at-home order was finally lifted, Byron and I knew we had a tough decision to make," he reminisced. 

Byron set the record straight: "I told him to get the f—k out."


George ended the video by saying, "So if you want to have even half as much fun as Byron and me, this is your chance."

If you're still willing to hang out with the heartthrob after he copped to all those quirks... Fans can enter to win the Omaze sweepstakes through July 15 and donate to the Clooney Foundation for Justice. The winner will get an all-expense paid trip to Lake Como, Italy, after the pandemic, including the airfare and four-star hotel accommodations for themselves and a friend.

The vacation includes an intimate lunch with George and Amal at their Lake Como home, though we're gonna venture a guess that Amal will have gotten rid of that Brad Pitt pillow by then. 

Watch the ER alum's hilarious video above.