Bachelor Nation's Demi Burnett Slams Reality Steve's "B.S." and "Calculated" Apology to Her

Bachelor alum Demi Burnett responded to Reality Steve's apology over their past interaction. “Just own the fact that you were being a creep," she said, while accusing him of playing "dumb."

By Lindsay Weinberg May 03, 2021 8:41 PMTags
Watch: Reality Steve Apologizes to Demi Burnett About "Graphic Sex Dream" Call

Demi Burnett isn't buying Reality Steve's lengthy apology about his "graphic sex dream."

The Bachelor Nation blogger, whose real name is Steve Carbone, apologized to Demi again on April 29 for his "cringey" behavior, after she claimed he made an "unwanted and unprompted sexual advance" toward her and told her about his dream last August.

In his most recent note, Steve said the incident "opened my eyes" to the power dynamic that exists between the young contestants of the reality show and himself, a 45-year-old media personality. He said the dynamic "prevents any REAL social relationship from happening" and "prevents genuine behavior, meaning, I can't be sure if someone actually WANTS to talk to me or not." 

Demi, 26, gave her unfiltered opinion of Steve's apology letter when speaking on the Talking It Out podcast on Monday, May 3. 

The former Bachelor contestant called him out, asserting that he had to know about the power dynamic beforehand. 

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"I don't need this, 'I had no idea and I never thought about the fact that I had a power over these women and blah blah,'" she said. "That is B.S.—to the T, B.S. You would have to be someone who has never, ever, ever even heard of the show before to think that. Someone who, you know, lives in Antarctica or something. Like, there's no way you don't see the power dynamic."

Demi said that Steve has to know that he has an "army of people" behind him that will "go to bat" for him, because he's "giving them spoilers, so they're loyal to you." 

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She shared that his claim "makes me the most mad" because of the way Steve allegedly changed his tune about her once she started becoming more friendly with him. 

"He has hated on me severely, called me the worst names, like annoying, she just does everything for herself, said the meanest things about me since, I guess, it's been years now," she explained. "And then the second that I gave him the time of day just to, like, have peace with him I guess, have a... friendly relationship, so maybe he would stop talking about me, he stopped saying nasty things."

Demi feels that once she and Steve began talking privately, "he stopped saying I was annoying, he stopped saying that I was super selfish, he stopped saying all these ugly, ugly things about me. And he said nothing."

Her takeaway? "So, clearly, what I was doing worked. I was like, ‘I'm gonna get good with him, so he won't talk bad about me, he won't bash me, he won't gossip about me.' And it worked." 

In her mind, the situation proved that Steve knew about the influence he has over the contestants.

"For him to say he doesn't see the power dynamic, I'm like, you're not dumb, dude. You're not dumb. You're clearly very smart, very calculated. You know what you're doing," she added. "So just own the fact that you were being a creep and you were being inappropriate and that's it."

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Earlier on the podcast, Demi admitted that she does "understand his confusion" about their supposed friendship, because "I am so nice that people mistake it for more than just being nice and friendliness."

She continued, "But I would have a lot more respect for him if he were to just say, ‘You know what? I was being creepy. I thought she was hot. I made an advance I shouldn't have made. I shouldn't have done it. I just did it because she was hot. But yeah I get it, it was weird.' Instead of this whole, 'I didn't know I had any power over these people.'"

Demi believes the "manipulation" is obvious: "It's a man who has dirt on us and who can ruin our lives." 

As for how she felt when he allegedly told her about his sex dream, Demi shared, "It was weird but I'm kind of used to it. Most women in America are used to this," adding, "It was very uncomfortable, so whenever I'm on the phone with him and he's telling me this stuff, I'm just like, 'Haha, oh my god, that's so crazy, so funny, whatever.' And then I'm like, 'This man has been bashing me on the internet for so long.'" 

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