No. 2: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

You didn't think this countdown would go on without Ryan and Rachel representing from The Notebook, did you? What an unromantic naive thought. Their onscreen kiss is probably one of our faves of all time, and their acceptance speech at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards was even hotter!

So why should Robsten win tomorrow? Because who doesn't love it when an onscreen couple gets just as down 'n' dishy off? R&R will go down in H'wood history as one of the best real-life romances, but since they're kaput, it's time for Rob and Kristen to step up.

Jeez, could you imagine though what would have happened if there were supposed to be four Notebook sagas? People would have been pissed 'cause the lead love story would no longer be real! See what Summit's battling?

Either way, we hope tomorrow Pattz and K.Stew can figure out as good of an acceptance speech as these two. Enjoy.

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