Niles Crane is pulling his hair out yet again.

Frasier's David Hyde Pierce was atypically vocal on The View yesterday when he revealed he married his companion of 25 years, Brian Hargrove, last fall in—where else?—California.

"Brian and I always kept a low profile. We didn't hide our lives," he said. "We got married very quietly last Oct. 24 and thought that was fine, and then suddenly the state of California said, 'No, it's not.' What we thought was sort of a private, personal decision turned out not to be."

Needless to say, the actor is outraged. He's recently been more active in gay-rights rallies and shared his frustrations with Barbara Walters and the gang.

"I've been going because I had the experience of having this private thing suddenly dragged out into the public, and have people I don't know take a vote," he said. "It was a very angry-making feeling both in November when it was taken away from me and also this past Tuesday when I was sitting in front of my television wondering, 'Gee, I hope it's OK the Supreme Court thinks I'm married.' Excuse me, it's none of your business."

As it turns out, the recent Proposition 8 verdict upholds Pierce and Hargrove's union because it occurred in the brief period of time while same-sex marriages were legal. Needless to say, the actor is still conflicted about it.

"We now find out that, legally, we are still married. That's a mixed thing too," he admitted. "It's like, 'Oh great, we made the cut.' "


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