See 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?'s Angela Flirt With a Plastic Surgeon In Hilarious Preview

The fan favorite 90 Day newlywed flaunts her assets to a handsome Los Angeles weight loss surgeon in this week's all-new Happily Ever After? preview.

By Samantha Bergeson Apr 29, 2021 2:00 PMTags

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star Angela may be married, but that doesn't stop her from flirting with her swoon-worthy surgeon!

In this hilarious exclusive sneak peek of Sunday, May 2's episode, Angela travels to Los Angeles to undergo weight loss surgery—but she quickly is tempted to opt for more than just medical treatments. 

"I just got done talking to my weight loss surgery and I start losing weight, I will definitely have loose skin" Angela reveals to the camera. "I thought you just started losing weight and everything falls into place. I didn't have time to think about there's more to it. 

And in comes her second surgeon: Dr. Michael K. Obeng. The handsome doctor explains that he was born and raised in Ghana, and Angela's other senses are piqued. "You smell good," she chuckles. "You're too handsome to be my doctor."

In a confessional, Angela admits that she wasn't too focused on Dr. Obeng's medical degree during their meeting. "When I first saw Dr. Obeng, my first impression, 'Is are you married?'" she laughs in a confessional.

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"I have a big, tall built doctor that's from Ghana and that's like side by side Nigeria. And his name is Michael," Angela continues, pointing out the similarities between Dr. Obeng and her husband Michael. "I don't know if the universe is trying to give me a gift or get my ass in trouble."


She is more than eager to change into a hospital gown for a private consultation of her stomach and breasts, but Dr. Obeng is slightly uncomfortable with Angela's advances. "You like to laugh, huh?" he tries to break the tension. 

"Well, I haven't had my breasts touched in six months, what do you think?" Angela giggles.

So, how did the result of their adorably cringe consultation go? Watch the laugh-out-loud clip above to find out! 

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