Cruel Summer Builds Up More Evidence Against Jeanette In Episode 3

Cruel Summer focuses another episode on the former wallflower who may or may not have contributed to Kate Wallis' kidnapping, and the case against her is getting worse.

By Lauren Piester Apr 28, 2021 3:00 AMTags
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The case against Jeanette Turner is getting stronger and stronger. 

Cruel Summer continued to unravel the story of what happened with Kate (Olivia Holt) and Jeanette (Chiara Aurelia) in its latest episode. The show put the focus back on the latter, and Jeanette did not come out of the whole thing looking so great. Even her mom, Cindy (Sarah Drew), is having doubts at this point, despite initially thinking any accusations against her sweet daughter couldn't possibly be true. 

While 1993 Jeanette was such a good girl that she flushed her friend's mom's joints down the toilet (at least as far as her friends know), she also once again broke into the house of the teacher who would eventually kidnap Kate. 1995 Jeanette also broke back into the house because something about it was thrilling to her, which is admittedly alarming.

Her friend and/or ex-friend Vince (Allius Barnes) ended up having to lie to the police about Jeanette's obsession with that house, and it certainly feels like there's more to Jeanette's side of the story. 

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But does that mean she could actually do what Kate claims she did? Wanting to be one of the cool kids isn't a crime, but could Jeanette have just taken it way too far? 


In an interview with E! News, Sarah Drew weighed in on exactly what Cindy is thinking right now, and it seems like mom is not exactly on her daughter's side. She says that even when a kid lies about something small, there's a "sense of betrayal." 

"You feel like there's a crack in your relationship if one of them says something isn't true to you, right to your face," she says. "For Cindy, in that moment when the sees the necklace in the police station, everything is flying through her head. She's like, my family is falling apart, these rumors that I thought would go away might be real, my daughter might be someone who could do something like this, which means that I raised someone who could do something like this." 

Cindy's life is essentially falling apart in front of her very eyes, which we'll see play out in future episodes. Drew says there are some "big shocks" coming up, so hold onto your butts.

In the meantime, vote below to share whether you think Jeanette really did see Kate and choose not to do anything about it. 


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