Botched Is Back With Armpit Boobs & More Insane Cases in Season 7 Trailer

By Samantha Bergeson Apr 28, 2021 6:30 PMTags
Watch: "Botched" Returns May 18 on E!

They're backkkk! 

Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow are returning for a seventh season of E!'s hit series Botched on May 18. In this newly released trailer, the docs tackle everything from the heartbreaking to the horrendous. 

The duo consult a woman who has "breasts in my armpits," as well as a client who wants to double the size of his already plump pout. 

"Some patients have problems because surgery went bad, other times nature goes bad," Dubrow explains. "It just gets better and better." 

"I don't know what I'm looking at!" Nassif jokes.

Viewers can also expect to see a woman who grew an extra set of large breasts under her breasts (they even lactate...), a man who is convinced his mother's IUD deformed his nose while in the womb, and a female client with the BRCA gene worried breast issue was left behind after a messy mastectomy, which increases her risk of breast cancer. Plus the doctors treat a patient after a near-fatal accident left a "shark bite"-sized hole in his abdomen. Ouch! 

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From "fabs"—fat abs—to rib removal, Nassif and Dubrow certainly have their surgical hands full. Fans can also look forward to themed episodes like "I Got Dumped Because of My Plastic Surgery" and "I Should Have Done My Homework" that follow Nassif and Dubrow as they take on some of the most challenging cases of their career.

So what else can viewers look forward to? More bromance moments—there certainly is no seven-year itch for Nassif and Dubrow's friendship here!


Botched season seven premieres on Tuesday, May 18 at 9 p.m. Watch the wildly exciting trailer above for yourself.

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