Vanessa Williams and Don Johnson Are Bickering Exes in Hilarious Kenan Sneak Peek

Vanessa Williams guest stars as Kenan Thompson's mother-in-law for the laugh-out-loud season finale. Watch an exclusive clip here!

By Samantha Bergeson Apr 27, 2021 7:00 PMTags

Leave it to Kenan (Kenan Thompson) to get in the middle of two bitter exes. 

In this exclusive (and hilarious) sneak peek from tonight's Kenan season one finale, Kenan must ease tensions between his in-laws, Rick (Don Johnson) and Tasha (Vanessa Williams). The widowed single father calls in his late wife's divorced parents to help prepare his daughters for the annual Atlanta Hair Show. 

"Your mom sure had a lot of stuff for y'all," a puzzled Kenan sorts through hair tools. "Look: straighteners, curlers, straighten-lers. I mean, what even is a long beachy waves crimper?"

"Wasn't Snoop Dogg a long beach crimp?" Gary quips to laughter. 

Kenan's daughters explain that they don't have to have their hair styled too over-the-top, but Kenan is determined to pull out all the stops for their special day—but not hire a hair stylist. 

"I don't know, even I don't understand the nuance-y of this child's curl pattern," Tasha gripes. "Why don't I just pay a professional to come do it?"

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This kick starts a long overdue fight between Tasha and Rick. "Yeah Tasha, you can't just always throw your new husband's money at everything. Gold digger," Rick mutters. 

"What is a gold digger?," Kenan's two young daughters want to know.


"It's what your papa Rick wants to think is the reason why I left him, when in fact it's because papa Rick likes to have flight attendants sit on his lap," Tasha explains.

"It was turbulence!" Rick defends himself. 

"At the airport Chili's?" Tasha counters.

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Damon Wayans Jr. previously guest starred earlier in the season. This laugh-out-loud sneak peek marks Emmy nominated Williams' first special guest appearance on Kenan. We can only hope season two has more Tasha in store! 

For now, check out the hilarious clip above!

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