Why Katherine Schwarzenegger "Freaks Out" Whenever Dad Arnold Tries to Hold Her Daughter Lyla

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed how active he is as grandfather to Katherine's daughter, Lyla. He also weighed in on Caitlyn Jenner's plan to run for governor.

By Ryan Gajewski Apr 27, 2021 6:17 AMTags
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Apparently, raising five kidsand starring in Kindergarten Cop—is not enough for Katherine Schwarzenegger to trust dad Arnold Schwarzenegger with holding her daughter, Lyla.

The 73-year-old action star visited Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, April 26, where host Jimmy Kimmel had questions about the actor's first grandchild, who Katherine, 31, and husband Chris Pratt welcomed in August 2020

When asked how it's going as a grandpa, Arnold replied, "Fantastic. The only thing is, it makes me feel old to think about, Now I have a grandchild. But it's really great having a grandchild. It's a beautiful, beautiful baby—baby Lyla—and I'm very proud of Katherine and Chris. They're doing really great together as parents."

Jimmy pointed out that any child would feel quite lucky to spend time in an animal-filled home such as Arnold's, given that the Jingle All the Way performer lets his miniature horse Whiskey and donkey Lulu roam freely throughout the house.

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"She has already been over here several times at the house, and she sat on top of Lulu and on top of Whiskey," Arnold said of Lyla. "And I think she's going to be a great horseback rider." 

The host then wanted to know if the former California governor ever babysits or changes his granddaughter's diapers. "I did all of that when I had kids," Arnold shared. "When my kids were growing up, I participated, and it was a lot of fun to do that. But I have never changed diapers on Lyla, because I think that Katherine is the expert gatekeeper. She just, whenever you touch the baby, says, 'Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Like this.'"

Arnold continued, "I said, 'Katherine, come on, now. I've held enough children in my hands. I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm an expert in that stuff.' She just freaks out and does it. [But] I think it's natural."

Jimmy went on to ask Arnold about Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Caitlyn Jenner, a longtime Republican, announcing last week that she intends to run in the expected recall election to replace Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom

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As for whether Caitlyn has a shot, the film star replied that "anyone has a chance," given that he believes the state's residents are thirsty for change.

He added, "The key thing about all of this is, it doesn't matter if it's Caitlyn or it's anyone else. Do you have a clear vision where you want to go? What are the kind of changes you want to make, and why are you qualified to become governor? That's what you have to convince the people. All the other stuff is all nonsense because the press will attack you no matter who you are. They attacked me, but then in the end, I won."

When Jimmy asked if Caitlyn has reached out for an endorsement, Arnold was cagey. "I don't talk about that because just about everyone that is thinking about running has called me," he explained. "I'm very good friends with Caitlyn, I have the utmost respect for her. But I'm also very good friends with Governor Newsom, and I'm good friends with all the other people that have contacted me and have asked me for advice about running or not running, and all those kind of things."

In other words, to paraphrase one of Arnold's classic lines, come with him if you want to ride a miniature horse.