Tyrese's National Anthem: "The Star-Mangled Banner"

Tyrese Gibson riles up the patriots after changing the lyrics to the national anthem at NBA finals to "our Lakers were still there"

By Gina Serpe May 28, 2009 8:05 PMTags
Tyrese GibsonNoel Vasquez/Getty Images

Say what you will about her singing voice, at least Roseanne got the words right.

Just in time to garner a little extra promotion for his upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Tyrese Gibson turned up to sing the national anthem last night at Game 5 of NBA's Western Conference finals and ended up angering the patriotic masses by changing its words to better fit his rooting interest.

While belting out the pregame staple, Gibson unexpectedly did away with the seminal line "our flag was still there," replacing the words with the boo-inciting "our Lakers were still there."

Adding insult to injury, at least according to his already numerous critics, he had the gall to pull the lyrical switcheroo just two days after Memorial Day.

Gibson has yet to comment on the controversy, though he did twitter this morning that he feels "sick" and, due to his sudden yet unspecified illness, has canceled all activities for the day.

Meanwhile, Lakers executive VP Jeanie Buss was also a-Twitter over the incident, though she apparently couldn't make up her mind about how she felt.

Minutes after the rogue rendition, she inaccurately twittered, "anthem was awesome—star Tyrese sang and subbed word Lakers for Rockets and place went crazy," only to clarify two hours later—once the bloggers had their say, presumably—"Some people upset with changing words in anthem. No disrespect intended."


Don't Forget the Lyrics?

Is changing the words to the national anthem a fun way to switch up an otherwise staid tune, or is it the ultimate sign of disrespect?
Fun and harmless, bonus points for staying in tune
Completely disrespectful, he ought to apologize
Who's Tyrese?
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