Chris Pine, Audrina Patridge

Rena Durham/ZUMA KPA; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

After we broke the sad news that newly appointed mainstream hottie Chris Pine was reportedly locking lips with reality-show starlet Audrina Patridge, you guys sure voiced your disapproval of this coupling—loudly!

Most of your comments tsk-tsk'd Chris for dating outside his caste, and commenter "YoucandobetterCP" (so aptly named!) shared her disappointment in the dude's taste, saying he's turning into "the younger George Clooney."

Not in career terms, mind you, but in his penchant for picking ladies way below his movie-star league (and prolly his intelligence level, too). Hey, there are worse people to be than Clooney!

So is Audrina really dating cute Kirk? The Hills honey opens up...

On his radio show, Ryan Seacrest directly asked if she and Pine were after-hours amours. Aud just laughed and changed the subject to her jeans line, but the tenacious Seacrest was as thrilled to hear about her fashion line as the rest of us, so he went back to the Pine query. "Ryan, my lips are sealed. I am not talking about this!" 

So you weren't walking out of C.P.'s place early in the morning? "They got a picture of me walking down the street, and they could say I was anywhere."

Please, girl. You're kinda cute to look at, but you're as good an actress as Kristin Cavallari. This coy thing ain't working for us. Did Chris tell you to keep your dates on the down-low 'cause he's embarrassed to be linked to you? All we know is, A.P. truly doesn't deserve to be dating Chris, if only for this admission alone:

"I haven't seen Star Trek yet," 'fessed Aud.

The audacity! Pine honestly should be shacking up with a smokin'-hot Trekkie who won't take their relaysh for granted. Do any of those exist?

But the best part of the whole nondenial was Aud comparing her rumored new beau with her last: "From Justin Bobby, I think any guy is an upgrade."

Maybe the gal's not so dumb after all.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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