Chris Lane Reveals the Unique Baby Name His Pregnant Wife Lauren Bushnell "Shot Down So Fast"

Chris Lane had some “Big, Big Plans” for the name of his unborn son, but Lauren Bushnell Lane was not feeling it. Keep scrolling to find out his first choice for their baby boy’s name.

By Lindsay Weinberg Apr 23, 2021 8:18 PMTags
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Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell Lane aren't exactly on the same page when it comes to baby names!

The mom-to-be has vetoed one idea that Chris was particularly proud of, and of course he shared the entire story with Audacy's Katie & Company radio show, according to People.

Remember: The country singer and Bachelor alum announced they're expecting their first child back in December.

"We're actually still trying to figure out exactly," Chris shared this week about their naming process. "We have a good idea of what it's gonna be, but we haven't for sure settled on it yet... As far as names go that didn't make the list, I know one off the top of my head."

He explained: "At the time I was being super light-hearted, but at the same time I did really honestly think it was kind of cool but Lauren shot me down so fast. I threw out the name Rambo."

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Lauren's reaction? "She shot it down hard," the 36-year-old musician revealed. "I said imagine when he comes up to bat and they say 'Rambo Lane,' that sounds like he's about to drop a bomb!... Rambo Lane, like how is he not going to win the tournament, you know?"


Doesn't sound like that name is getting a first impression rose. 

Though the spouses are still deciding what to call their baby boy, Chris said that Lauren is ready to give birth very soon. "At this point it looks like it's about to plop out of her," he noted.

She's spoken publicly about how her body has changed since getting pregnant. Last month, the reality star posted on her Instagram Story to deny rumors that she got a "boob job." Instead, she accounted for any differences by saying she's "just pregnant." 

Lauren later added that, "as nervous as I am right now," being a mom is something "I've always known I wanted."

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