Bless Sebastian Stan For Sharing His Favorite Falcon and the Winter Soldier TikToks

Sebastian Stan shared a few Bucky Barnes-related TikToks on his Instagram after the Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale and now we're wondering just how much time he spends on that app.

By Lauren Piester Apr 23, 2021 8:06 PMTags
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Stars, they're just like us. 

And by that we mean sometimes, stars also spend all their time watching TikTok and saving all their favorites to watch later. Unlike us, of course, those stars are often featured in those TikToks. On Friday, Sebastian Stan followed up the arrival of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale by sharing a few related videos in his Instagram stories. They are just a few of the many, many Bucky Barnes-related videos to be found on the platform, but they are a few of the very best. 

We tracked down the videos he shared and have embedded them here for us all to enjoy together, but first, we have a few questions for Mr. Stan. 

1) How did you come across these videos? Do you have a secret TikTok account? And if so, did these come up on your FYP, or did you search for them, or did someone send them to you? 

2) Did you track all of these videos down just today to share them, or have you been collecting them for weeks? The first one was posted three weeks ago, so we were just wondering. 

3) Do you read the comments? If you do, in fact, have a secret account, do you ever write comments? 

4) How many less tame, more thirsty videos did you decide not to share on your Instagram? Do you ever just sit at home and watch TikToks about yourself? 

We will be awaiting your answers, Sebastian. In the meantime, let's make fun of John Walker together! 

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The first video expands on a scene from episode two of TFATWS, when Bucky was trying to test the new Captain America to see if he was, in fact, worthy of being Captain America. (Spoiler alert: He wasn't.) Bucky was mostly concerned with whether Walker had ever jumped on top of a grenade, but user Tyler Morris had a few other questions for Not Steve Rogers. 



"Did you ever fight in World War II? Do you have the super soldier serum?" he asks. "Were you frozen in ice for 90 years? Have you ever been on the run against S.H.I.E.L.D.? Have you gone up against the God of Mischief? Have you gone to to toe with BUCKY? Red Skull? How about Thanos? Against an alien race three times? Have you ever had to fight yourself from the past? Nah, I didn't think so." 

So sorry John Walker, but you're simply not qualified. 

The second video that Sebastian shared is from @middleseatyt, and it's simply one you have to watch. It cuts from a scene in episode two, when Sam and Bucky jumped out of a plane, to the behind-the-scenes footage of what actually happened when they jumped. All we have to say is "YOLO." 

The third video that Sebastian shared wasn't even from TFATWS. It's actually the audio from a scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Steve tries to tell Bucky that he knows him, but Bucky's not having it. In this context, user Trevor is Bucky. Steve is the alphabet. 


i literally have to sing it all the way through every time #fyp #wintersoldier #captainamerica #marvel #sebastianstan

? original sound - mytoe

The next video is the one that cursed us, because the song is so ingrained in our brains that we're truly losing our minds. Someone redid the WandaVision theme song, but instead of "WandaVision," the only lyrics are now "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier." Add footage of Sebastian and Anthony Mackie dancing, and you've got yourself a perfect video. 

In the fifth video, Tiktoker Nicque Marina imagined an extended version of the scene in which Walker told Sam and Bucky to stay out of his way. In her reenactment, Sam and Bucky are way less calm about it. They laugh in his face, mocking him, calling him "Captain American't" and "Red, White and Baloney." 


Reply to @ohcaptainmycaptain68 I enjoyed doing these voiceovers?????? #falconandwintersoldier #falconandthewintersoldier #marvel

? original sound - Nicque Marina

Finally, the last TikTok to get showcased in the Sebastian Stan Instagram Hall of Fame is all about lovable murderer Zemo. TikToker Cameron Silas presents a condensed version of the events of episodes two and three, when Bucky revealed his plan to get Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) to help them track down the origins of the new super soldier serum. Like yeah, Zemo killed a bunch of people and caused some of the worst (OK, second worst) events in the MCU, but he's also a quirky, helpful guy who loves to dance at clubs. 

We just really, really appreciate Sebastian Stan's taste in humor and his apparent love of Marvel content on TikTok. Hopefully he continues to share whatever treasures he comes across while we await news of whatever comes next for Bucky Barnes. A whole new movie? Season two? A romance with Sam's sister Sarah that we really latched onto based on them saying two words to each other? We'll take it all. 

Meanwhile, Anthony Mackie is getting sentimental on his Instagram, where he follows exactly two people: An account about men voting, and Sebastian Stan. 

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney+.