Simone Biles Breaks Down Her Jaw-Dropping Olympic Training Schedule

With just under 100 days left until the Tokyo Olympics is set to begin, gold medalist Simone Biles revealed her mind-blowing training schedule. Scroll on for more details on the intense regimen.

By Kisha Forde Apr 23, 2021 12:43 PMTags
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Who needs a trainer when you can follow at least a fraction of Simone Biles' schedule?

During a virtual appearance on the April 22 episode of The Tonight Show, the four-time gold medal gymnast broke down exactly what it takes to prep for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics—and the schedule is enough to make any fitness guru sweat.

"I train seven hours a day, I do have Sundays off," she told host Jimmy Fallon. "So, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday I train twice a day. And then Thursday and Saturday I train once a day."

Earlier this year, Simone shared why she felt "called to return" to this year's Olympics, stating, "I knew I had more to give to the sport for myself and I felt like I had a purpose."

Even more of the physical aspects of her training preparation are showcased in the star's upcoming Facebook Watch docuseries, Simone vs Myself, which is set to premiere in summer 2021.

As for revealing just how much time is spent getting ready for this year's festivities, the 19-time World Champion went on to say that she trains for an impressive seven hours a day.

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And as exceptional as that dedication sounds, the 24-year-old athlete also shared that her life doesn't necessarily always revolve around her vigorous schedule nowadays.

"People always think I'm training, but besides that, I have amazing partners I work with so I get to share my time in between there," she shared. "But it's not all glitz and glam, sometimes we have to get down and dirty."

"Down and dirty" is just truly a modest way to explain the intensity of her workout regimen. In an interview with Women's Health, the athlete broke down her heart-stopping schedule for the 2016 Olympics that took place in Brazil, stating, "Last year we did cross-training. We swam twice a week—almost a mile!" she shared with the magazine. "I swore I was going to drown, it was so hard, and then we would run. And the year before that we would bike 10 miles outside once a week. If we didn't bike, we would run a mile before practice, and as soon as we finished the mile we'd have to go inside and do a beam routine."

Talk about powerful.

And in terms of inspiring power within her fanbase, the Athleta clothing line creator shared the most impassioned message with Fallon, stating, "I would definitely say it doesn't matter where you start, it's where you're going and how you pick yourself back up from those falls. Just dream big, and dream bigger after that because you never know where your dream will take you."

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