Lauren Conrad: "Think About What You Did"

The Hills star reveals what turned her off to the whole reality-series thing

By EOL Staff May 28, 2009 1:15 PMTags
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Lauren Conrad is so over it.

The Hills stars reveals in the new issue of Cosmopolitan that she knew she'd had enough of the reality series when—wait for it—the MTV producers invited Heidi Montag to L.C.'s birthday party. So rude!

"After the producers did that, I disappeared. If they were disrespectful, I was going to be disrespectful back. I told them, 'You can call me in a week. Think about what you did,' " she tells the mag.

We bet the producers did think about what they had done: They gave L.C. a job, turned her into a celebrity, found ways to make her blank stares and bored sighs seem dramatic, interesting, etc. And what did she do?


Careful what you wish for, L.C.