Elisabeth Moss Teases The Handmaid's Tale's "Promises" Are Finally Fulfilled in "Huge" Season 4

Elisabeth Moss dropped hints about what The Handmaid's Tale fans can expect when the "huge" season 4 begins on April 28.

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Elisabeth Moss is hinting that plenty of satisfying moments are on the horizon for fans of The Handmaid's Tale

The 38-year-old Emmy winner appeared on The Tonight Show on Wednesday, April 21, where host Jimmy Fallon asked what viewers of the hit Hulu drama series can expect when it returns for its fourth season on Wednesday, April 28. As it turns out, major resolutions are on the way, according to the actress who plays June.

"I do feel like we have built something over the past three seasons that quite rightly needs to be kind of fulfilled, and I think that we do that this season, with season four," Elisabeth shared. "We kind of fulfill a lot of the promises that we've made over the last three years, and we really get to see, not just June, but a lot of these characters really go to places they've never gone before and change dramatically."

The star of The Invisible Man continued, "And it's a huge season, which, of course, we chose to shoot during a pandemic, as you do."

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Jimmy asked the actress about the fact that she not only makes her directorial debut this season, but actually directs three of the episodes. 

"I chose episode three that was going to be my directorial debut, before COVID, and started [filming] it," she explained. "Then, we shut down for the six months, and then all of a sudden, I did that episode, I did two more—I did episodes eight and nine. Because nobody else was there a lot of the time, the directors. If a director finished their work and left, and they didn't want to come back and quarantine for two weeks, somebody had to direct it."

Sure enough, since she was already on set, she was often the fallback option to helm the remaining scenes and episodes.

"So all of a sudden, I was the director on hand," she said. "And it would be like, 'Lizzy, we've got this drone shot we need you to do. Would you mind just running out and grabbing that?'"

After enjoying a laugh, Elisabeth quipped, "But by the end, we were joking that I was just going to be this journeyman director now, off to do my ninth episode of Law & Order, just clocking in and clocking out."


The show's action-packed trailer dropped on March 30 and revealed that June is now considered "public enemy No. 1." 

Check out the interview in the above video.

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