See Drake Strip Down for a Shirtless Workout Session

Drake removed his shirt and took to his Instagram Story to give a sneak peek at his fitness routine! Scroll on for the footage that has fans in their feelings.

By Kisha Forde Apr 21, 2021 3:59 PMTags
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Talk about a flex.

Drake recently took to his Instagram story to pay the world a pretty big favor, which involved showing a small fraction of his presumably extensive workout routine. The best part about it: he did so completely shirtless. Yes, you absolutely read that right.

In the video, the "Toosie Slide" rapper, is seen greeting a friend with a handshake, right before turning to the camera and brightening our day by literally flexing his right arm. Luckily, he decided to keep his shirt clutched within the palm of his hand before the camera panned his way.

The glimpse is enough to replay for an eternity—or at least until his story, to our dismay, disappears.

The 34-year-old musician hasn't been shy about showing off his well-earned lean physique, often posting proud selfies of the work he's accomplished from his admirable workouts to his social media.

In the clip—complete with toned abs, we might add—it's clear that he may have just finished his routine while still in the comfort of his home gym.

Drake's Son Adonis' Cutest Photos

Over the years, Drake has made his fitness regimen quite the priority, with some of his alluring workout photos. In 2017, the Grammy winner's trainer shared his top fitness tips, including weight training. "We just switched to weight training from doing calisthenics and body movements, because at one point we were slimming down, and now he's on a bulking phase," Jonny Roxx told Glamour. "Now we're doing heavier weights and more compound movements. And we're getting there! We got him to a good point, but we're still pushing."

And when it comes to diet, Jonny said there's one major thing the artist cuts down on when he's working on his fitness. "Italian food is probably one of our whole team's favorite [things]," he revealed. "But cutting down on that really helped with his cutting phase."

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