Bling Empire's Cherie Chan Gave Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn On-Camera Birth Advice

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Bling Empire's Cherie Chan revealed that she supports friend and Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn filming her birth.

By Alyssa Ray Apr 21, 2021 4:00 PMTags
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Fans may get to experience the birth of Christine Quinn's baby firsthand.

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Bling Empire star Cherie Chan revealed the labor advice she gave the Selling Sunset star, especially when it comes to filming the birth. As E! News readers well know, back in February, it was revealed that Christine and husband Christian Richard are expecting their first child.

And, as Cherie told E! News, she has since advised the blonde real estate agent to "take it easy," adding, "Obviously, caring for the baby is No. 1 above anything else."

On whether Christine will film her baby's arrival, Cherie stayed tight-lipped. However, she did share that she was all for her fellow Netflix personality and real-life friend filming the birth.

"If she wants to film it, she should" she continued. "And she should be herself, be natural."

According to Cherie, Christine did express some concerns about the number of camera people that might be in the room. Yet, Cherie noted that Netflix was very accommodating when she filmed the birth of her son, named Jevon.

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"I said, 'Netflix made me feel really comfortable and it was actually just one person,'" Cherie said on what she shared with Christine. "‘And I told them I didn't want anything rated R.'"


Per Cherie, Netflix was "so respectful" and provided "one camera girl" for the birth. She recalled, "'Cause, I was worried that it was gonna be a big crew too. And I think that was Christine's main concern. She didn't want to feel uncomfortable. So, I said, 'Don't worry, if you communicate with them, they're gonna make you feel really comfortable.'"

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And Cherie, who admitted to watching Jevon's birth "over and over again," certainly doesn't regret filming the experience. "I was really nervous about it but, once that moment came, nothing mattered," she reflected. "What mattered was just giving birth to my son and meeting him because he went through a lot with me and, for me to finally meet him and hold him, like, that moment, it's just such a miracle."

As fans of Bling Empire will recall, Cherie was mourning the death of her mother while pregnant with Jevon. Ultimately, Cherie said she "was grateful they shot it because I can't relive that moment."

You reading this, Christine?

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