RHOD Meets Dallas as the Housewives Tour Ewing Mansion in This Hilarious Sneak Peek

Don't leave the drama just to the '80s soaps! Several of The Real Housewives of Dallas stars aren't impressed by the famed manor in this exclusive preview clip.

By Samantha Bergeson Apr 20, 2021 2:00 PMTags
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It's Dallas meets The Real Housewives of Dallas

Don't let the '80s style fool you: RHOD can bring more drama than the fictional Ewing family any day. In this campy exclusive sneak peek at tonight's new episode, the ladies of RHOD visit the famed Ewing Mansion at Southfork Ranch immortalized by hit 1980s soap opera Dallas. While some Housewives are star-struck, others aren't impressed.

"Every Friday night, I would sit with my dad and we would watch the episode of Dallas when it aired," mega-fan D'Andra Simmons confesses. "As long as that show was airing, we were talking about it." 

"I was born in 1980. I have zero relationship to the television show Dallas," Stephanie Hollman jokes. "However my husband is old and he has a relationship [with it]." 

Of course the Ewing Mansion isn't just an icon for vintage soap opera fans. "New York has MoMA, the Guggenheim. L.A. has the Getty. We have Southfork," Simmons laughs.

"This is what people went crazy for back in the '80s? Who knew," Hollman counters.

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The cast of RHOD tour the ranch with mint juleps in hand. The mansion features renovated character-themed rooms for the hit series, including a crime scene bedroom complete with police barricades. 

"It looks like there was a brawl or an argument because stuff is really everywhere," an enthusiastic Kameron Westcott observes, while others liken it to a seedy motel. "And obviously someone came in, had a fight with J.R., and he got shot, and he died here."

Brandi Redmond seems to have taken a page out of J.R.'s playbook while planning the trip. "I thought it would be really funny to put Kary [Whittingham] and D'Andra in the tiniest room because no one likes to room with D'Andra because of all of her s-–t," Redmond nefariously smiles to the camera. "I actually love to hear Kary complain." 

So will Kary and D'Andra butt heads over their Dallas-themed overnight? Watch the exclusive clip for all the details on the impending drama, and be sure to tune in to tonight's all-new episode! 

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