Patricia Arquette Recalls the Time She Went On a Date With This Convicted Murderer

Patricia Arquette shared her scary experience with convicted murderer Mark "Gator" Rogowski, warning women to "trust your instincts."

By Cydney Contreras Apr 15, 2021 9:54 PMTags
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Like her character in Medium, Patricia Arquette seemingly has a sixth sense when it comes to bad guys.

The 53-year-old actress revealed her spooky talent in a response to a Twitter thread, which asked, "What's the most awkward date y'all ever been on?"

According to Patricia, she truly felt her spidey senses tingling when she went on a second date with pro skateboarder Mark "Gator" Rogowski, who would be convicted of murder in March 1991. As the actress tells it, he was "really cute" and "friends with my friends," but something was off.

"We made out but something about how he kissed me freaked me out," she recalled, before revealing that she ghosted him. "I gave him a fake number."

And it was definitely for the best, because she learned that "Years later he killed his girlfriend."

When pressed for details on why she got the ick after their kiss, Patricia explained, "It felt aggressive. Like pushing me back hard with his jaw and it felt like it was angry." 

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According to The San Diego Union Tribune, Rogowski is serving time for sexually assaulting and murdering his 22-year-old girlfriend, model Jessica Bergsten, in March 1991. At the time of the crime, Bergsten went to his Carlsbad apartment to watch movies, but was brutally attacked by Rogowski.

He confessed to the crime weeks after her remains were found in a shallow grave by people driving through the Ocotillo area.


The newspaper reported that he was up for parole last year, but Calif. Governor Gavin Newsom denied Rogowski's request for parole, writing in his decision that the former pro skateboarder needs to form "a deeper understanding" of why he suddenly murdered Bergsten.

"Mr. Rogowski appears to still have only a superficial understanding of what triggered him to inflict prolonged sexual violence on his victim and then kill her," Newsom's response read.

Rogowski's attorney protested the decision while speaking to the Tribune, revealing that the prisoner understands what he did as he has received his Bachelor's degree and is a certified paralegal. He additionally claimed that Rogowski was driven to kill because of a head injury that took place a few weeks prior to the murder. 

Nonetheless, he will once again have the chance for parole this June. 


As for Patricia, Rogowski was not the last guy to aggressively kiss her. She recalled how "another guy" behaved similarly, adding, "I started choking him and told him don't ever f--king do that to a woman again."

The Act star left her followers with one final piece of advice: "Moral to the story—Trust your instincts."