Shahs of Sunset Teases Mended Friendships, Big Drama & More in Shocking Season 9 Trailer

E! News has the exclusive first look at Shahs of Sunset season nine! See who's fighting, who is making up and which star has major relationship drama in the sneak peek.

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It's Shahs season once again!

E! News can exclusively reveal the season nine trailer for Shahs of Sunset, premiering Sunday, May 16 on Bravo. The dramatic sneak peek teases mended friendships, a huge fight and so much more.

"The world around us is falling apart, why the f--k do you want to hold a grudge?" Mike Shouhed says in the clip before Nema Vand echoes, "There are people in this group who can hold grudges at times. We can all let that go."

Former rivals Mercedes "MJ" Javid and Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi appear to be rekindling their friendship after the birth of GG's son Elijah. "I can't believe we are parents," MJ says as the two enjoy a playdate with their baby boys.

MJ and ex-BFF Reza Farahan also reconnect and are seen sharing an emotional moment as Reza cries, "Thank you, 'cause I needed it more than you know."

GG adds, "This is the first time that I'm getting along with everybody."

But it's not all love and light, as it seems Mike hits a rough patch in his relationship with girlfriend Paulina Ben-Cohen

Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi's Sip & See for Son Elijah

"Fix your s--t! Because there's two kids and another human involved," GG says before Mike tells the group, "There's a snake in this group trying to ruin my relationship."

After Destiney Rose asks Paulina why she doesn't "walk away" from the relationship, Paulina tells Mike, "I have too much respect for myself to stand for something like that."

And when MJ tells husband Tommy Feight of Reza, "He wants to drop the restraining order," Tommy fires back, "He's a malignant tumor of a human."

Tensions in the group explode over the Mike and Paulina drama. "Ya'll trying to bring up bulls--t that's trying to affect my relationship," Mike yells.

Destiney fires back, "You f--ked up your own relationship son. Get out of my house!"

Mike and Destiney appear to get into a physical altercation as Mike screams, "You're touching me! Don't f--king touch me!"


Check out all the drama to come in the exclusive trailer above and scroll down for more info on season nine plus cast photos.

Shahs of Sunset returns Sunday, May 16 at 8 p.m. on Bravo. Binge Shahs any time on Peacock.

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Reza Farahan

With the dust finally settling after last year's devastating fallout, Reza finds himself feeling ready to dip his toe in the water of reconciliation with his best friend of over 30 years, MJ. And while his relationship with husband Adam is stronger than ever, his friendship with his "brother" Mike is called into question when rumors about Mike's bad-boy behavior start to swirl.

Mercedes "MJ" Javid

After a challenging year for MJ, she finds herself in yet another difficult situation trying to make amends with Reza who still has a restraining order against her husband, Tommy. Despite this, the two vow to begin the journey towards forgiveness in hopes of healing their friendship and bringing everyone back together again.

Mike Shouhed

Mike and his girlfriend Paulina's "perfect" relationship is put to the test when cracks in their union are revealed to the group. Landing himself in the hot seat, Mike ignites another scandal that both tests his own bond with Reza and threatens to break up Reza and GG's newly reformed friendship.

Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi

After a long and difficult journey to motherhood, GG is thrilled to introduce her beautiful son Elijah to the world. She proves to be an unexpected unifier and voice of reason among her friends, helping them communicate their hurt feelings and hopefully let go of past grievances. The true test comes when she must apply this new perspective to her own friendship with MJ.

Destiney Rose

Destiney moves out of her high-rise apartment and into an adorable house across the street from a very familiar face. Still reeling from the chaos of last year, she works to find peace with MJ as she strengthens her bonds with Reza and GG. When Paulina confides in Destiney about relationship issues with Mike, she finds herself entangled in yet another conflict.

Nema Vand

After Nema's business ventures were hit hard by the pandemic, he faces a crossroad when he is forced to make some difficult decisions. While his relationships with MJ and Mike remain stronger than ever, Nema navigates an uphill battle to repair his friendships with Reza, Destiney and GG in the hopes of bringing his "family" back together.

London Laed

MJ's new Persian friend London is a welcome breath of fresh air. As a life coach, London has the unique ability to help her newfound friends through difficult situations. When her strategies begin to wear thin, however, London is put to the ultimate test on a group trip where she needs to do more than dole out pep talks if she wants to keep up with the rambunctious crew.

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