Why Tracy Morgan Had Today's Willie Geist Call the Cops in the Middle of Their Interview

During an appearance on The Late Show, Willie Geist told all about the time his interview with Tracy Morgan ended with a visit from the police.

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Willie Geist's interview with Tracy Morgan was full of surprises—but he never expected this.

During the April 14 episode of The Late Show, the Sunday Today host recalled how his day with the comedian veered off course. 

From the moment Geist showed up at Morgan's home outside New York in 2019, he knew the visit was going to be memorable. When the two sat down in Morgan's study, Geist noted it was an "exact replica" of the office Don Corleone had in The Godfather. He then spotted an Emmy, an Oscar and a Heisman Trophy on Morgan's shelf.

"I said, 'Tracy, what is going on over there?'" he recalled. "He said to me, 'Willie, this is America—money talks,' which I think means he bought someone's Heisman Trophy from them? I'm not totally clear on that."

Afterwards, the 30 Rock alum decided to show the journalist his car collection. "He said, 'Willie, did you know that Lamborghini makes an SUV?'" Geist remembered. "A family friendly, sensible SUV, taking kids to soccer and things like that."

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There was just one problem: They couldn't find the vehicle. Even after Morgan checked in with the members of his team to see if the automobile had been taken to the car wash or was out for repairs, they still couldn't locate it. As Geist recalled, "He looks me in the eye and goes, 'Willie, call the cops. Somebody stole my Lambo.'"

Suddenly, they were off to the races. "I'm the guy, having just met him, waving the cops down out in the street," Geist said. "They'd say, 'Sir, is this your home?' And I looked up at the palace and I said, 'Oh this? No, no. No, I'm just here interviewing Tracy,' which was more confusing. And they traced it down and it turned out his Lambo had, indeed, been stolen. So, it was an eventful day with Tracy."

Watch the video to hear him tell the whole story to Stephen Colbert.

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