Arnold Schwarzenegger Can't Stop Using These Catchphrases From His Films, Says Son Patrick

Patrick Schwarzenegger told Kelly Clarkson on April 15 that dad Arnold constantly uses his film catchphrases in everyday life. Find out which is his go-to.

By Ryan Gajewski Apr 15, 2021 8:35 AMTags
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Arnold Schwarzenegger keeps saying "hasta la vista" to his most famous movie catchphrases. 

The action-film star's son Patrick Schwarzenegger is a guest on the Thursday, April 15 episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote his new Netflix film Moxie. As seen in a preview clip, host Kelly Clarkson wanted to know if Arnold, 73, uses his well-known one-liners in everyday life. As it turns out, he definitely does.

The 27-year-old actor replied with a laugh, "Yeah, everybody asks that. They're like, 'Does your dad always say his one-liners?' And I'm like, 'All the time.'"

Kelly replied, "Like, I hope every time he exists a room, he says, 'I'll be back." Patrick shot back, "He does! He'll turn back and be like, 'I'll be back.' And I'll be like, 'Dad, really? Come on.'"

But the 38-year-old talk show host appeared to be on Team Dad. "You're over it, but we think it's funny," Kelly admitted.

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"The other people do," Patrick concurred. "But sometimes, a little kid—like a 6-year-old, the dad will kind of shove the kid to go get an autograph from my dad, or something. The kid probably has no idea who my dad is, and goes up and asks for something, and my dad will just scream one of the one-liners at him, and the kid is like, 'What? I don't know what that is.'"

Kelly, clearly still empathizing with Dad in this scenario, responded, "It's a test. You have to earn the autograph."

Check out the interview in the above video.

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