Watch Hannah Berner Fiercely Defend Boyfriend Des to Her Co-Stars in Tense Summer House Preview

This exclusive clip from Thursday, April 15's brand new Summer House shows Hannah Berner learning what her fellow housemates really think about her now-fiancé.

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Watch: "Summer House" Star Hannah Berner Is Engaged

If you want to be Hannah Berner's lover, you've got to get with her friends. 

In this exclusive preview from Thursday, April 15's latest Summer House, Hannah's roommates continue to get to know her new boyfriend (and now fiancéDes Bishop. The future friends-in-law criticize Des for not "integrating with the house more," which Hannah does not respond well to.

"Yeah, maybe Robert is just way more friendly than Des and Des is a huge a--hole," Hannah quips to Danielle Olivera about boyfriend Robert Sieber. "Yeah, this is just stupid." 

"I'm sorry our feelings are stupid to you," Amanda Batula jumps in. "I think the whole thing is we love seeing you happy with Des..."

"Oh my God, Amanda can you let me talk?!" Hannah counters to the shock of the group. Amanda seems to get up to leave but Hannah asks that Amanda stay to "get on the same page" since she's a "little annoyed" by the group's behavior towards Des. 

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"He loved hanging with you girls. I just think the guys is a situation," Hannah admits. Maybe the riff has to do with the fact that Hannah told Des about Kyle Cooke's dig. "[Des] is not, like, happy about it," Hannah teases. 

"Dude, now you're making Kyle seem...Oh my God," Amanda sighs in disbelief. Hannah claims she just felt uncomfortable about the whole thing and doesn't back down when it comes to defending Des. 

"I'm saying if you're going to come at my boyfriend for not hanging out with the guys enough, that's why!" Hannah screams. 

"I'm not coming at your boyfriend. I'm coming at you for not bringing him around more," Amanda clarifies. 

"And that's why! There's a reason!" Hannah concludes. Seems like Paige DeSorbo's warning for Hannah not to get defensive didn't work. 

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