Aidy Bryant Is "Juggling A Lot of Nasty Boys" in Shrill Final Season Trailer

Annie (Aidy Bryant) is putting herself out there romantically in the third and final season trailer for Hulu's Shrill. See her romantic antics and more in the just-released teaser.

By Alyssa Ray Apr 13, 2021 7:49 PMTags
Watch: Aidy Bryant Opens Up About New Hulu Series "Shrill"

Single and ready to mingle.

That's clearly the motto Annie (Aidy Bryant) is following in the third and final season trailer for Shrill. As fans of the show well know, season two left off with Annie ending things with her man-child boyfriend Ryan (Luka Jones).

And, from what the just-released trailer below teases, Annie is flourishing as a newly single woman. The Shrill protagonist comments, "I feel like I've only been single five minutes."

As Emily (E.R. Fightmaster) reminds Annie, she has a "main guy" as well as many "tasting pots" of men. In the new footage, Annie is seen going on dates with all sorts of men and we love it!

A confident Annie declares, "I'm juggling a lot of nasty boys."

Case in point: One suitor bit a string off of Annie's skirt. Yet, it seems Annie's into this one man's kinky antics.

"I think I've creamed my jeans a medical amount today," she quips. "And now I have to throw away my car."

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While Annie's having fun on the romantic front, things in her professional life could certainly be better. Not only does Annie's boss Gabe (John Cameron Mitchell) warn about cutbacks, but Annie finds herself canceled over one article.

To make matters worse, Annie is blindsided when a doctor recommends gastric bypass surgery. "Hey, you're gonna look at me for 10 minutes and tell me to cut my stomach out?" Annie shouts at her doctor. "You're a bad person." Unfortunately for Annie, the doctor had her headphones in and didn't hear a word of the clapback.

It seems we can expect highs and lows for Annie this season. Back in January, Bryant, who co-created the series with Alexandra Rushfield and author Lindy West, announced that the Hulu comedy would end with season three. The streaming service has since offered up this description for the final season: "Everything finally seems to be falling into place for Annie—she's managed to dump her man-child boyfriend, catch the eye of a powerful new mentor, and snag some high-profile assignments—so why isn't everything clicking? Sometimes life's big challenge isn't getting what you want, it's knowing what you want."


For a taste of what's to come, watch the all-new trailer above.

Shrill premieres Friday, May 7 on Hulu.

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