Oxygen's Accident, Suicide or Murder Season 3 Trailer Is Perfect for True Crime Fans

Oxygen's Serial Killer Week includes the season 3 premiere of Accident, Suicide or Murder. See what's to come in the spine-chilling new trailer.

By Alyssa Ray Apr 13, 2021 8:30 PMTags
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Unraveling suspicious deaths.

We're, of course, talking about Oxygen's hit true crime series, Accident, Suicide or Murder. As the title indicates, the series, which returns for season three on Saturday, April 17 at 8:30 p.m., takes a closer look at mysterious deaths that could potentially be accidents, suicides or murders.

And, in the new trailer exclusive to E! News, the upcoming season promises plenty of mysteries to unpack. A shaken voice says at the start of the clip, "My girlfriend shot herself in the head."

But did she? As the clip continues on, an interviewee calls one case "a freak accident."

Yet, some of these cases involve foul play. Later on, one police officer reveals that a deceased victim "never" had the gun in her hand. And as another man perfectly puts it, "There are people that get away with homicide."

Well, that's certainly a bone-chilling fact.

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True crime fans will not want to miss the upcoming season of Accident, Suicide or Murder. In fact, the new trailer promises: "Their deaths left questions. The crime scenes left clues. The cases will leave you guessing."

Per Oxygen, the premiere episode will dive deeper into the mysterious death of a young mother.


The synopsis reads, "A weekend trip to an Alaskan lodge turns deadly for a young mother when she's shot and killed by her boyfriend. The death is ruled an accident and the case is closed until an eerily similar incident in Montana drives investigators to reopen the case."

The show's highly anticipated return falls amid Oxygen's Serial Killer Week, which concludes Sunday, April 18. So, be sure to tune in all weekend long for true crime content.

Accident, Suicide or Murder season three premieres Saturday, April 17 at 8:30 p.m. on Oxygen.

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