The Challenge Star Ashley Cain's Terminal Infant Hospitalized Over Concerns of Bleeding Out

After learning his daughter has days to live, The Challenge alum Ashley Cain revealed he had to bring his baby girl back to the hospital in fear she could "bleed out from the inside."

By Samantha Schnurr Apr 12, 2021 2:10 PMTags
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Ashley Cain is fighting for his baby girl's final days to be as peaceful as possible. 

The Challenge star and former British soccer pro gave fans an update on his 8-month-old daughter Azaylia Diamond, who only has days to live following a months-long battle with a rare and aggressive form of leukemia.

While he and girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee were able to bring their little one home on Saturday, April 10, Cain took to Instagram late Sunday to reveal they took her back to the hospital for a platelet transfusion because she was bleeding out of her nose. 

In an Instagram Story video taken in the car, Cain explained her blood cancer "eats away" at the cells that help clot her blood. As a result of the tumors in her body as well as the lack of platelets, he said his daughter could "bleed out from the inside."

"That's no way for Azaylia to go," he declared as they left the hospital. "We knew what we needed—it was a platelet transfusion."

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While Cain acknowledged that doctors are no longer performing treatment on his baby, his hope is the transfusion can "preserve" her life for a few more days. He encouraged other parents in a similar situation to "make sure that you know your stuff."

"Every moment is precious," he said, "and I want every parent going through this to understand that."

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Prior to the family's hospital return, Cain paid tribute to his baby girl on her 8-month birthday. "You taught me how to be strong when I needed strength, you taught me how to smile when I am feeling sad, you taught me how to cherish every single moment - as these moments are all we have," he wrote. "You've been tenacious, fearless, courageous, positive, happy and loving through times which I thought would make it impossible! You've given me the best 8 months of my life through the toughest of times. MY HERO I LOVE YOU."