Why Bachelor Alum Victoria Fuller Is Saving Herself for Marriage

Victoria Fuller appeared on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation and spoke about how her new religious community in Nashville influenced her decision to not have sex again until marriage.

By Kaitlin Reilly Apr 10, 2021 11:40 PMTags
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Victoria Fuller has found a new religious path.

The Bachelor alum, who vied for Peter Weber's heart on the show, appeared on the April 10 episode of the Click Bait With Bachelor Nation podcast, where she spoke with hosts Tayshia Adams, Joe Amabile and Natasha Parker about her decision to "save" herself "for marriage."

The reality star, who said she moved to Nashville after a challenging experience in Los Angeles last year, said it was her new non-denominational church community that helped her find a new relationship with God. 

"I grew up so Catholic that everything I did was judged," she explained. "I always felt like I was doing something wrong. I never felt accepted. I was opened to this world where God is so good and he forgives, and to me, especially going through so much on the show, I felt so much shame and guilt. Coming out of that was so hard for me."

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She added, "To find a community and know that the Lord really does love me, and forgive me, and that there is mercy and grace, it's just, like, everything to me."


Victoria now filters her dates by their own relationship with religion. 

"It has changed, because I don't think my relationships before revolved around that," she said. "So it is interesting to me. It's like, 'We're going our separate ways tonight. You're not staying the night with me, sweetheart. Don't get any ideas.'"


She confirmed the rule also applies to trips with whoever she is dating. 

"I feel like, if I were to go on vacation or something, I would want it to be in separate rooms," she said. "I think that so much of my relationships in the past have been revolved around sex, not going to lie, that's how it's been. So now, I think I have to be super obedient in that area. I just think, 'obedient, obedient, obedient.' For myself, I've already been in that situation, and I've been tempted."

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