Madonna, David Banda, Jesus Luz

• Madonna must be a really great friend, letting her pal crash on her couch all the time. In an interview with a Brazilian TV show, Jesus Luz called the pop queen "only my friend" and said he doesn't care about being called a "toy boy or boy toy." Additionally, the Material Mom supposedly is patting herself on the back for upping Alex Rodriguez's star power, which led to his recent hookup with Kate Hudson.

• Paris Hilton sets the record straight: She and BF Doug Reinhardt weren't kicked off a yacht for getting it on in the bathroom.

• Kevin Bacon's BlackBerry was stolen in a subway station. We'll let you come up with the six degrees joke while we marvel that he took the subway.

We love it when stars try new things! Amy Winehouse is becoming a jewelry designer while Kate Moss preps to become the next Lauren Conrad by writing a novel.

Breaking news: Avril Lavigne wears something other than a hoodie.

Dear Susan Boyle: We love you, but your hotel neighbors do not. Get some sleep—you're going to need it. Love, Rise 'n' Shine

Angelina Jolie looks finger-lickin' good in the Big Picture gallery.

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